The Haanta Series venerates Leonard Nemoy: #LLAP

Yesterday, Scotty beamed Mr Spock back to the Enterprise, and while Leonard Nemoy will forever be remembered here on earth in the 21st century, his 23rd century counterpart, born in 2230AD and still very much alive, has left his katra, the whole of his memories and experiences as a corporal being, to us. I had meant to write something yesterday, but did not know what. I could not say anything for a while, especially when the legend in question had already given his thoughts on life so poingantly himself:

"A life is like a garden. Perfect moments can be had, but not preserved, except in memory. LLAP"

Here were his last words to the public, and who could have known how seriously they might be felt. Leonard Nemoy was more than Spock, he was a true artist, studying every discipline from language to photography. He was always generous with his friends and fans, myself included in the latter, but his most enduring lesson I think will be the one he taught us through his portrayal of Spock. Not exactly human and not accepted by Vulcan society, Spock was an alien and not an alien, feeling and unfeeling, sincere and sardonic, a living contradiction which countless have identified with over the years. A science officer, a captain, and a confidante, Spock possessed many qualities that not only made him human but taught us what it means to have the privilege of humanity, to welter in our worst sorrows and triumph in our greatest joys. The enduring contradiction which Spock lived under was one Nemoy seemed to share, declaring first that he was not Spock and then declaring the opposite. His efforts and his legacy will be the birthright of this generation and the next, and the inheritance of his various works will outlive even his Vulcan counterpart.

83 years is a period, and while living 83 years and doing as much as he did is a feat in itself,  83 years still feels far too short for one who is still 155 in 2387. I will pretend as though he is not gone; it is easier to think of him traveling through the farflung corners of space, and while he might be absent from earth for a while, I cannot help but feel we will see him somewhere again.

As a personal aside:
I was very privileged to meet Leonard Nemoy at FanExpo 2009. I was here sitting here in the audience, and my friend Brian a.k.a. DocHolidae is the one who began singing Bilbo Baggins:

Video belongs to Tsukishime