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Story for the Day: Caltrops

There is nothing more delightful to a would-be warrior than discovering a new weapon to be used against his adversaries. It is all the more delightful to the would-be warrior to be taught how to use this weapon by his friends.

New publication coming this Easter!

This Easter, Paper Crane Books will be publishing the first in the Frewyn Fables series, short stories featuring the smallest members of the series for all ages to enjoy! Can you guess the title of the new publication? Leave your guess in the comments section, and the first reader to get the correct answer will win a free e-copy of the book!

Story for the Day: The Joy of a Pyre

It is so easy to take revenge on one's enemies when one suddenly find oneself in a position of power. A good king, however, never seeks revenge no matter how terribly his adversaries have plagued him.

The Joy of a Pyre

Story for the Day: Apprehensive Introvert

While many people enjoy the bustle of a party, there are those who dread any sort of gathering being forced on them. The quiet conversancy of a tea visit is all that those like Aldus and Rosamound should condition for, and for two such celebrated hermits, the idea of even making an appearance for a formal gathering is dreadful.

To the immense ladies...