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Story for the Day: Balane's Curse -- Part 2

Aiden and Adaoire are not the only two men who suffer from Balane's Curse. Anyone who dared stay up beyond the small hours with more than a few drinks to furnish them feels all the anguish that Balane's rays beating down on them must afford:

Damson's Distress Pre-order!

Damson's Distress Vol 1 is now available for pre-order at The publisher asked me to write a summary for the book. This is what happened: Sir Damson Aelhelm, a young lord in the royal court of Marridon, who grew up under the careful auspices of his father in Ballentyne Valley, was never very well-liked by his noble peers. He was shunned in the halls of the Academy for being a lower lord, for growing up tall and fair, and his kindly manner, innocence and handsomeness did him no service amongst those who who had only affluence to claim for their qualities. Time passed on, and Damson's father passed on likewise, leaving him the sole heir of the Aelhelm estate, and while he could have endured as a lord of moderate fortune all the rest of his days, Damson decided that he liked the idea of being a knight. He turned his attention toward the king's arena, and after triumphing over the resident knights, he became the king's champion and earned Hi…

Story for the Day: Balane's Curse

Balane's Curse, or a hangover, is so named for the Frewyn Goddess of the Sun, who curses those who drink too much by shining her light on them the following morning.While everyone in Frewyn, being a largely agrarian society, looks forward to a holiday, not everyone-- Aiden and Adaoire especially-- looks forward to the morning after.

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