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Ailineighdaeth #Book #Sale and Story:

It was an immense year pushing three books, twelve novellas, and countless short stories out the door, and 2018 is already shaping up to be another long publishing year. One non-fiction book and two fiction novellas are already on the way, and a short story anthology is also in the works. So much to write, so little time, but in honour of the holiday, all our 2017 books are ON SALE for half-price until New Year's Day. If you did not have a chance to read Baba Conrridh or Favour of the Gods, now is your chance!

A New Book Comes...

Over the Ailineighdaeth season, we will be doing edits for the next book. Here is an excerpt: 
There is one person I know who owns the monopoly on misanthropy.
Despite popular opinion, this person is not me.
He is a charming man, full of dashed designs and foiled ambition, who is as self-deprecating and and self-sabotaging as he is sardonic, who is capital at complaining and treats anger and vehemence like an Olympic sport.
He is all my envy. He will say I win at this, merely because he is afraid of my losing, but out of good faith and a general willingness to be agreeable to anyone but my mailman, I gladly bestow the gold medal of grievances unto him.
No, he is not an old grimsir; he is not unlike many: a man severely wronged by the world, shunned by good society and much maligned, his soul is blandished with dented finery, every chip in his spaulders a notch on the sufferance tree, one he uses to good effect to tell everyone exactly what he thinks about them and then c…

Story for the Day: Godly Sight

While Aoidhe and Borras regularly appear to Frewyns during prayers or holidays, more prudent Gods only appear to some in secret, and when there is a child to be humoured, even the most illusive of Gods will reveal themselves: