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Story for the Day: The First in the Series -- Part 2

It is nearly the end of the month, which means our newest novella will be available on our Patreon page within the next few days. While we're all waiting for the final touches on Damson's Distress to be finished, join our Patreon campaign HERE and receive the last twelve novellas for your reading pleasure. This month's novella will feature the full story of Alasdair's failed attempts to gain a copy of Shaman of the West:

The Haanta Series venerates Nelle Harper Lee #RIPHarperLee

"Mockingbirds don't do one thing except make music for us to enjoy..."

Fame is not a kind mistress to many, and it is always rather more invasive than those to receive it deserve. Hard work and serious endeavour deserve attention and praise, and certainly an opus as To Kill a Mockingbird merits all the unmitigated regard it receives, but while some notice and encouragement is pleasant, there is such a thing as having too much. Public prominence, we know, does many things, and only some of them good, but for such a brilliant author like Harper Lee, the fulmination of accolades produced an expectation she felt herself unequal to fulfill. The generosity of a close friend gave her the time she required to write something she felt worth reading, and after a little time, and many iterations, one of the greatest novels in the History of American Literature was created.

How all the pangs and pleasures of achievement will work their powers on a demure heart. Lee never weltered in h…

Story for the Day: The First in the Series -- Part 1

There are not many sins to commit whilst being interested in reading. I make absolutely no difficulties about readers reading stories only about certain characters they like, but in the Brennin family, and especially whilst Vyrdin is about, there is only one rule to follow: thou shalt not read a series out of order.

Story for the day: The Winter Birthdays

It always astounds me how many birthdays our family circle has to celebrate at the beginning of the new year. It seems there is always an excuse for cake from one weekend to the other.

Story for the Day: The Smith MacDunnaigh

There are many sentries in a village: there are the royal guardsmen, there are mothers and grandmothers to chase off hooligans, fathers to hasten after eager young men, but there is no guard so devoted to the safety of Rannig's village than Mr MacDunnaigh, the village smith: