Praise for the Haanta Series

"A gratifying blend of clever wit, high fantasy, and literary romance that is rarely seen in modern literature. Michelle Franklin paints her characters into a masterpiece. Once you start reading, you won't be able to put this book down." -Best-selling author Dr. Eric Kaplan

"The entire story from start to finish is beyond impressive and most definitely entertaining . . .Characters, storyline, scenery, setting, and Michelle's writing all are equally commendable and easily play off one another to create this fascinating fantasy romance.  Michelle's writing style is sophisticated and well versed that I can imagine events occurring just as she wrote it.  It's a pure flow of words creating a movie in my mind.  Amazing. Hands down, Michelle Franklin's work is one of a kind and the characters she has penned to life are equally so." --LovLivLife Reviews  

"The characters and world created is amazing to say the least. Fantasy seems to be a small word for what this book offers: action, sexual tension that will make the hairs stand up on your neck in anticipation, and the whole atmosphere is so crystal clear..." -- The Kindle Book Review

"The world building is amazing. Her description of the Haanta, a proud race of giants, and their lands is so vivid and detailed. While reading, I almost felt I was walking along beside the characters... Michelle has definitely written an intricate fantasy novel." --True Book Addict 

"I've been lucky enough to have read the Tales of Frewyn from the outstanding blog to her two amazing e-books. The Commander and the Den Asaan Rautu is the first in the Haanta series, it begins with an explosion of romance, action and beautiful, clear, and entertaining language. It begins with a giant being freed to fight along the borders of Frewyn and leads to a deep romance which comes off realistic and alluring enticing the reader into the world which is being depicted. I have always been a fan of High Fantasy and The Commander And The Den Asaan Rautu ranks high in my list alongside such great authors as Christopher Paolini, N.K. Jemisin and even the legendary Tolkien.  Michelle Franklin didn't just create a plot and litter it with characters and settings, she created an entire world filled with individuals and vibrant settings which make the tale appealing. The Haanta Series is a shining beacon in today's fantasy and should be used as a milestone for other authors within the genre to strive for." --Reviewer Damian Rucci, The Grey Pen  

"A romance that sizzles off the pages... This be a story where love wins in the end and it is hard to put down. All of the characters in here have something about them to adore... my favorite fantasy romance of the year." --Author S.J. Wist 

"If Jane Austen wrote fantasy, this is the fantasy she would write." -- Creative Suites

"Comes close to Tolkien for its ambitious scope, memorable characters, and incredible world-building." -- AoBibliophile

"The book's plot synopsis seemed filled with the promise of a truly epic tale and it delivered the goods with a level of quality and style that I have seldom encountered in this genre. Michelle has obviously devoted an unimaginable amount of effort to the development of every aspect of the Haanta Series world. Every aspect of the world is rich and full with great attention to detail. Geography, politics, magic, wars and, of course, the various races that people the world are all well thought out and consistent. Nothing ruins a fantasy novel faster than contradictions or unexplained details and I am pleased to say that this book suffers from no such problems. Michelle, I believe, lives, eats and dreams in this alternate world and so is quite comfortable inviting the rest of us in to it for a visit. It's not always a pretty or a kind world but it is one imagined to its fullest potential." --Jeffery Hollar, The Latinum Vault

Praise for "Tales from Frewyn: Vol 1":

"I could just sit and read this series all day." --The Kindle Book Review

"Formal and wry...great writing and the vivid details. As a way to get readers interested in reading the rest of the series, Tales of Frewyn succeeds admirably." --What Book is That?

" Any reader of the Haanta series will have a favourite character over time as they are all perfectly written and have such depth. Even with these short stories the personalities, animals and places are so vivid it's hard to not imagine you can see the stories unfold before your eyes." --Back of the Book Reviews 

Praise for "Tales from Frewyn: Reporter from Marridon": 

"Franklin is a master at creating new worlds with wonderful characters, and this short story is just a small depiction of how fabulous a writer Franklin really is. Branching off from the bigger stories and novels about the Commander and Den Asaan, such as The Commander and the Den Asaan Rautu and Tales from Frewyn, Franklin occasionally creates stand alone stories entailing the epic characters from within her 21 book series, this short story being one of them. I really enjoyed this story and found myself chuckling as I read along. Knowing the personality of both the Commander and Den Asaan from previous stories, I could easily imagine them within my minds eyes, toying with the egotistical reporter from Marridon. Franklin even creates great themes in this short work, and the reader can’t help but smile as it all comes to a head in the conclusion."-- A Book Vacation

"I always enjoy an author with a strong lexicon, and Franklin never fails to please." -- Radical Montreal Review 
Praise for "Khantara":

"Exceptional world building and character development- talents which completely draw the reader in, making them impervious to everything going on around them. I don't think it possible for the reader to not fall in love with Khantara, the most kindhearted and selfless giant..." --Avery's Book Nook

"This is a beautiful love story. Khantara and Anelta’s lovely beginning was marvelous." --Kindle Book Review 

"Riveting to the core. Fantasy at its very prime with a sweet helping of romance and adventure. Khantara is a welcomed edition to a series that I love so much..." -LovLivLife Reviews

"Absolutely fabulous. Read the book. You won't be sorry." -Author Maryann Kempher 

"A Narrative Delight. Open the pages of these books and be delivered with delicate phrasings and a narrative style that makes you startled when a noise outside of the world you’re reading occurs.
Come to the land of giants and warriors; of peaceful resolutions first, and firm reprisals last; to tranquility." - Author M. Hovermale

"This novel is an absolute treat... Her work would be able to stand beside some of the greats of literary fiction." --Creative Suites Reviews

"Amazing from start to finish. An avalanche of words." --Award-winning author Mariam Kobras

"A touching story of love and war...a poetic composition that wraps around the reader like a warm blanket, it is captivating and persuasive." --Bookend Chronicles

"I really enjoyed the premise and its execution. Addictive characters, very filmic, hard to put down." Síle Nic Chonaonaigh, host of Garrai Glas

Praise for "The Opera": 

"I absolutely loved this and laughed and laughed and laughed. This is a beautiful take on the couple’s devotion to each other and Den Asaan Rautu’s loyalty and commitment to the Commanders well-being. A must read to all series fans." --The Kindle Book Review

"It didn’t take me long to get swept away in the unique language and world that she has created for her lovable characters. The Opera gives you a glimpse into the life of these characters back in Frewyn. This had me laughing out loud." --Creative Deeds

"Imagination at play.  Every word, every sentence, is a walk through the park.  Lighthearted, humorous and a little romance to tickle your senses, The Opera is worth a keeper." --Lovlivlife Reviews

"Characters aplenty to get your teeth into and a delightful story that keeps you hooked." -Nix short review

Praise for "Tales from Frewyn: Volume 2":

"A joy...easy to fall in love with...Great characters, beautiful illustrations...with romance mixed into the stories. Honestly so many genres were represented in Tales from Frewyn, Vol. 2... would appeal to a wide range of readers. There aren't many I can think of who wouldn't find something to enjoy. There is chocolate...who can not love chocolate?" -- Obviously Opinionated

"Delightful! Mischievous, witty and endearing characters...enjoyable tales bringing together the regular characters from the series along with several of their animals." --Sophia Rose

 "Wonderful compilation that brought a tear to my eye. A wonderful evocation of pastoral happiness." --Award-winning folk musician Gord Fisch

Praise for Frewyn Fables: The House Guest
  "It was so adorable, and will have appeal for an adult audience too!" Top reviewer Sophia Rose

"This is an extremely entertaining and well written children's story - with a tender 'One good turn deserves another' moral." --Author Dan Wright