About the Author

A woman of moderate consequence who writes many things. Scientist. Knight of the Spade. Agronomist. Bibliothecary. Lucubrator. Philologist. Professor Emeritus. Burgeoning Valetudinarian. A Wit.

As a great student of the world, I have studied classics, agriculture, archaeology, history, literature, linguistics, and a myriad of natural sciences. I don't dare count how many courses I have taken or books I have read; they would only betray how violently boring my life is. Being the wretchedest old being in the world, however, only gives me permission to disdain everyone for my amusement and be more interesting on the page. Authors are meant to be read anyway; no one ever wants to actually see us. I adore people as subjects, and absolutely despise the public collective; all my ambition is to be an old solitudinarian, blessed with all the joys of unquietness, tea, and more cats than my sanity should admit.