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Khantara: Second Sneak Peek!

Special sneak peek from Khantara, the story about Rautu's mother and father. Enjoy!!!

"She hoped, and did not hope, that what he wished to show her were in a more precarious place, but she realized that in welcoming the giant to her home, she would have to brook watching him remove his cloak. She had a slender idea of what she should discover there; she had felt his form when she fell against him and hardly found what she felt to be disagreeable. He was warrior, unlike the Thellisian guardsmen she had learned to fear and avoid, and with a companion so colossal and foreboding, she could only conjecture as to what her husband might say upon seeing such a creature in his household. She had some apprehensions on the side of inviting him in; though she lived in the home, it did not belong to her, nor was any possession within its walls hers, but he had been so obliging and forthcoming with her, she could not very well allow him to remain outside the boundaries of the small dishevel…

Story for the Day: The Opera Continues

The next part in the new Haanta Series novella: "Tales from Frewyn: The Opera"!
The first scene to grace the stage was the prospect of a very vibrant and neat little farm, furnished with two painted cows and some pretty chickens pecking about the verdant downs. A flute played to signify the trilling of birds, a paper sun was let up behind the farmhouse, and a woman suddenly immerged from within the barn. She was small, thin, and heavy-breasted for her size, her lips were trapped in a continual pout, her blue eyes glittered with the tinge of innocence, and she sang in a shrill and trilling voice of the misfortune of being a farmer’s daughter. The commander understood from the depiction that this was meant to be an image of her life before the war, and she did her utmost not to laugh too loudly. “Well, at the very least I’m well-groomed,” she snickered. “I daresay I never looked half so shining in all my life. Only painted chickens can be so forthcoming. If they knew what vicio…

Haanta Series Book Signing Event @ Babar en Ville in Montreal!

To celebrate the end of the Commander and Den Asaan tour, there will be a Haanta Series book signing at MG-YA bookstore Babar en Villein Diras . . . er, I mean- in Montreal! I will be signing books on Thursday, October 6th, from 5pm-7pm. Stop by and say hello, but more importantly, come by to see Babar en Ville, the best independent bookstore in town! They have everything from classics to graphic novels! I would have ordered a cake for the occasion, but I know a certain someone should eat it before the event begins.

Thank you to Babar en Ville for holding the event! Hopefully, when Khantara and Commander and Den Asaan Vol. 2 come out next month, we will have our book launch there as well.

Hope to see you all there!

Day 27 of the Commander and Den Asaan Tour!

Lots going on for the tour today!

Guest Posts and Giveaways:
Live to Read and the JeepDiva both have special stories and giveaways of Reporter from Marridon!

Author Mary Anne Kempherposted a nice review on her personal site!
As well, the JeepDiva and What Book is That?have excellent reviews of the book. Please check out their sites and leave comments on their blogs!

Story for the Day: The Beginning of the Opera

Here is the next part in "Tales from Frewyn: the Opera", soon to be released as a novella! Enjoy!

The jerkin was donned, the Cuineills were got, the mantles and redingotes were fastened, and everyone was soon arrived at the Royal Theatre. The commander, however, broke from the party for a few moments on account of a most necessary call to Diras Delights. The Frewyn bakery was just closing for the day and therefore had little to recommend its usual excellent stock, but she declared herself prepared to take away anything that was tolerably fresh and not the least bit wholesome. She was given a few of the chocolate toffee butter biscuits for her visit, and though she was warned that they were from yesterday, they must do for now. If a play was to be sat out, it would not be sat out in penance, for an opera was the most excruciating sort of entertainment in the world and could only be borne by eating more insalubrious yet delicious items than is good for one. The procurance was c…

Story for the Day: Retribution

Here is the next chapter in the new Haanta novella "Tales from Frewyn: the Opera". Enjoy!
       For twenty minutes did the Den Asaan sit at the door to the theatre, his sword in his hand and his mind rapt in rumination. Those who observed him wondered at whether he were preparing for a duel or if he were saying the Haanta Haakhas in honour of those he was on the precipice of decimating. Some of the spectators watching from the peristyle were unaware of the giant’s tranquilizing ritual, but Teague, Mureadh, Nerri and Connors were more than sensible of their commander’s custom observed. They had just returned from their evening in the capital, and after delighting in an excellent meal at the Wayward Traveler were disposed to return to the keep for a game of Jainsago in the soldier’s mess whereupon entering the castle through the yeoman’s quarter they descried the Den Asaan sitting in his meditative state. They stopped, gave one another misgiving looks, and began to …

Story for the Day: The Director

Happy weekend! Here is the next chapter in "Tales from Frewyn: the Opera"! Enjoy!
The Director                 The evening hum of voices in the keep began to increase. Whispers of where the giant was going and who had merited his wrath excited the general intrigue about the castle. Heads leaned out of open windows, eyes peered over sills, spectators watched from the peristyle, and by the time the giant had reached the double doors of the Royal Theatre, every inhabitant of the Diras castle keep was watching his movements. Here was a feast of entertainment, for what amusement could an opera provide when a giant clad in furs and holding an immense black blade was pounding his fist against the theatre door and roaring for attention. The nobles and yeoman in the peristyle cooed with delight, and some even pretended to be besieged by the sudden desire to visit the latrine tower if only to have the prime view of Rautu’s retaliation. Those who were brave enough to stand near the giant…

Story for the Day: "You are cordially invited"

Chapter 4 in the new Haanta Series novella, "Tales from Frewyn: the Opera"! Enjoy!
“You are cordially invited” Within a few minutes, the mending work was done, and while Alasdair was at liberty to redress, Carrigh was given the poster for her assessment of how well her king looked. She laughed at its absurdity, declaring that her husband was far more becoming in person than he was in the illustration, for a self-important royal on a white stead would never do for her where a humble king on a chestnut mare had exceeded all of her expectations. “Does the subject of the opera bother you?” said Alasdair in a caring voice, taking Carrigh’s hand and pressing it to his heart. “Not at all, sire. It does seem to be a romantic play, but don’t all Marridon operas end in tragedy? This play might offend you ever much more so than it could me, sire. They might show you losing a duel to the Den Asaan.” “I could win against him if I wanted to,” Alasdair pouted. “I simply choose to fight my battl…

The Haanta Series on CJLO1690am!

This Friday at 4pm EST, the Haanta Series will be featured on the award-winning CJLO 1690am! Absolutely anyone can tune-in via the magic of the internet. Simply visit their website (here) and click the Listen Now feature to join the discussion. We'll be talking about how the series got started and about what's to come next in the series. I hope you'll enjoy the programme!

Day 20 of the Commander and Den Asaan Tour! Giveaways, Reviews, Stories and Excerpts!

11 more days left until the Commander and Den Asaan Tour ends!

Today we have a plethora of articles for you to enjoy! First, the giveaways:

Reading Away the Days and AoBibliophile are giving away copies of Reporter from Marridon. Please visit their sites and leave a comment on the post to enter! Each of the sites is hosting a different story. Be sure to check both.

S.J. Wist is also hosting a story on her blog. As well, Damian Rucci, celebrated poet and critic has written a review for Commander and Den Asaan. Here it is reprinted from his site, The Grey Pen:

I've been lucky enough to have read the Tales of Frewyn from the outstanding blog to her two amazing ebooks. The Commander And The Den Asaan Rautu is the first in the Haanta series, it begins with an explosion of romance, action and beautiful, clear, and entertaining language. It begins with a giant being freed to fight along the borders of Frewyn and leads to a deep romance which comes off realistic and alluring enticing the re…

Story for the Day: Contrition

Here is the next part from "Tales from Frewyn: the Opera" Alasdair knows how to say he's sorry.
He said his good evenings to the commander and hastened away to the servants’ quarter, passing the Cuineills’ apartments and entering the tailor, where he found his wife sitting at her sewing table, appearing as beautiful as ever: the warmth of her skin summoned by the amber light from beyond the window, her golden curls illuminated by the tender glow from the lit candle beside her, her upright and slender form in perfect posture finely shaped by the outline of her simple dress. His breath was nearly lost at such a prospect: a stunning creature hidden away for his personal reflection and delight. He closed the door behind him as she turned to greet her husband and king, and he reckoned that though he might never truly win in a duel against the Den Asaan, his prize came to him in the doting wife who was quickly approaching him, kissing his cheek, and regarding him with the most …

Story for the Day: Pardon

Chapter 3 of "Tales from Frewyn: the Opera"! 
Pardon  The early evening sky was beginning to favour the capital with its vibrant hues, and the commander remarked the coming of night from her place in the barracks while discussing with Tomas where the new weapon racks were to be placed along the far wall of the yard. She heard a few of the blacksmith’s quiet and humble words, but the brilliancy of the setting sun made her not much able to attend. “I’ll put the light weapons in the corners and keep the wall space for the swords,” was Tomas’ smiling conclusion once he realized the commander was gazing out the window and looking wistfully at the sky. He observed the amber light ebbing out from behind the few clouds and felt all the sanguine reverie the commander exuded. “Makes me feel like I’m home again, aye,” he said in a soft voice, thinking of the small house he and his mother had kept in Westren. The commander hummed in agreement and continued to inspect the various linings of…