Day 20 of the Commander and Den Asaan Tour! Giveaways, Reviews, Stories and Excerpts!

11 more days left until the Commander and Den Asaan Tour ends!

Today we have a plethora of articles for you to enjoy! First, the giveaways:

Reading Away the Days and AoBibliophile are giving away copies of Reporter from Marridon. Please visit their sites and leave a comment on the post to enter! Each of the sites is hosting a different story. Be sure to check both.

S.J. Wist is also hosting a story on her blog. As well, Damian Rucci, celebrated poet and critic has written a review for Commander and Den Asaan. Here it is reprinted from his site, The Grey Pen:

I've been lucky enough to have read the Tales of Frewyn from the outstanding blog to her two amazing ebooks. The Commander And The Den Asaan Rautu is the first in the Haanta series, it begins with an explosion of romance, action and beautiful, clear, and entertaining language. It begins with a giant being freed to fight along the borders of Frewyn and leads to a deep romance which comes off realistic and alluring enticing the reader into the world which is being depicted. I have always been a fan of High Fantasy and The Commander And The Den Asaan Rautu ranks high in my list alongside such great authors as Christopher Paolini, N.K. Jemisin and even the legendary Tolkien.

Michelle Franklin didn't just create a plot and litter it with characters and settings, she created an entire world filled with individuals and vibrant settings which make the tale immersive and appealing.

The Haanta Series is a shining beacon in today's fantasy and should be used as a milestone for other authors within the genre to strive for.

-D.F. Rucci