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Story for the Day: Ailbhe and Aidhill

There are many stories of the Gods looking after orphaned children, and while there are children who claim their attention and merit their care more than others, it's really their endearing quality that draws a God's notice.

Story for the Day: Fuinnog, God of the Sky

In the Frewyn pantheon, there are numerous circles of gods and goddesses, all of them related, all of them worshiped in their turn, but not all of them well-liked by one another. The Four Sons --Frannach, Borras, Aoidhe, and Menor-- don't get on well with one another, and while other Gods like Paudir, Ogham, Persays, and Reis are peaceable, they would rather spend time amongst their worshipers than they would with one another. Fuinnog, God of the Sky, acts as the peacekeeper between the divine groups, and while some are generally pleased to see him, not everyone appreciates his presence:  

Story for the Day: Aoidhe and Chune -- Part 2