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Story for the Day: A Leathal Lecture

In Damson's Distress, Danaco mentions to Damson that Bartleby once killed a man by lecturing him to death. Danaco was serious.

Danaco gave the order for those who would remain and guard the crewman’s quarters to stand at the bunks, and all those who would come with him to join the fight on deck to follow. He mounted the stairs and was met with the prospect of Bartleby standing and lecturing the drummer and the galley captain on the quarterdeck, the old man glorying in his grand sermons, the drummer sitting in sad stupefaction, and the galley captain leaning forward with his elbows resting against his knees and his head being suspended by his hands. Bartleby was still talking.
“Ah doan’t understaun,” said Houghleidh, in amazement. “Ah couldnae overpower the men who captured meh, an’ he’s conquerin’ the captain with a history lesson?” “Ah, you mistake what is truly happening, my friend,” said Danaco, smiling. “The old git might be lecturing them on various subjects they know nothing…

Story for the Day: The Myrellenos

Myrellenos is the Lucentian Goddess of Life. According to Lucentian legend, Myrellnos comes from the realm of Mlys, the realm whence the Elves of Lough came. Lucentian's history tells that when the Elves of Lough refused to worship Myrellenos any longer, disease struck their lands, forcing them westward across the sea, where they discovered the then nearly derelict land of Old Lucentia. The Elves made themselves lords over the current residents and readopted their worship of Myrellenos, vowing to never again forsake their creator. Reestablishing godly faith amongst the Lucentians has done well for them: Lucentia is now one of the most liberal and prosperous countries on the continents, to which many Lucentians attribute their adulation of their Great Lady. Many Lucentians, especially amongst the nobility, are religious, and while Myrellenos requires no sacrifice or services, many honour her by naming something precious after her. In Danaco's case, he names his ship after his f…

Story for the Day: The Slave Galley - Part 2


Story for the Day: The Slave Galley - Part 1