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New #book: The Favour of the Gods

The sequel to Baba Connridh, The Favour of the Gods, featuring everyone's favourite God of Justice will be out in September! Enjoy the first excerpt:

Story for the Day: Cutting Back

I absolutely abominate diets. Martje has more tolerance for Bilar's meticulations than I would ever do.

A word about #suicide: #RIPChesterBennington

Whenever I am wont to have a difficult evening, I have something like this in the morning, to remind myself that there are some things suffering existence for. Writing, art, books, cats, chocolate, games-- these are the little joys that push me forward when I consider less appealing alternatives.
When I was in my early twenties, I considered and even attempted suicide several times. I was working three jobs I absolutely hated just to pay for an education I desperately needed. I worked in the mornings, attended classes in the afternoons, returned to work in the evenings, and worked on weekends to shore up the attenuated cash flow. I came home at night to an empty one-room apartment, to charm my mattress and my broken laptop with stories of how horrid my day was, and scramble into writing another few lines of a chapter when I could. It was five long years of bitter lamentations and the paltry comfort of packaged ramen before I felt some reprieve, and during that time I conside…

Story for the Day: Decaf -- Part 2

I have discovered there is such a thing as decaffeinated black tea. I have never been so horrified in all my life. The Frewyn in me revolts every which way.