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The Diamon Child: A Frewyn Fable now available!

The Diamond Child: A Frewyn Fable is now available worldwide! This is the second children's book in the series, and is a standalone short story of how one miner's good luck becomes his family's fortune.
"In the small mining town of Galaeshield, situated in an old river valley, nestled between the fields and furrows, where ploughs of plenty had carved out the landscape, lived a miner and his wife, a young couple of meager means and little fortune, whose affection had held up the crumbling foundations of their house, and whose high spirits and easy manners recommended them to everything that was good and right in the world. They lived in a small way near a mining camp, and as contracted as their income was when the veins and estuaries ran dry, they were happy people, blessed in their neighbours, pleased with their garden, never wanting for anything beyond what joys a child might bring."

The paperback version of the books comes with a special bonus story!

Story for the Day: Lady Faoiltigherna

Lunas calls her Faoili, to obviate difficulties. It is not pronounced how you think it is. Neither is Fethenshaugh.

Story for the Day: Lady Anaruyd's Legacy

Look to the garden.

When the Gods Made Farmers: The Farmer's Prayer


Story for the Day: Mule the Blacksmith

Legend in Frewyn tells of a Hallanys man named Mule, a strange and reclusive blacksmith who was said to make weapons imbued with magic. Though he lived before King Breian's time, Mule's legacy lives in a young smith from Galae named Lunas, one who not only bears a resemblance to Mule but also seems to have inherited some of his abilities...