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Story for the Day: A New Creation

 There is much art born out of misery. Whether that art is any good, however, is another question-- and whether the new play the Royal Theatre Company puts on will be worth watching must be left to be guessed:

The Great Myrellenos - An Ode to the Mother Muse

It has been a difficult month, having lost several friends from a variety of illnesses-- and I was ill myself for the last two weeks. Books are moving, the Celtic encyclopaedia I helped to edit will be out presently, but in the meantime, someone has a birthday to commemorate. The Great Myrellenos, the Queen of the Fey of Mlys, might be a made up entity in Frewyn, but she is based on a real person, the Mother Muse, a great lady whom I have always seen as a faerie queen, a woman who edited my artistic soul and spurred me on to commit the gravest of societal sins and become an authoress. Danaco's ship is named after her, and though this lyrical poem does not appear in the book, it is one the Mother Muse would have recited.

The Great Myrellenos