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A new Baba Connridh book comes...

Frewyn's farmers are the nation's backbone. In a largely agrarian society as Frewyn is, most farmers expect to work either until someone in the family takes over the business or the resident farmer on a given plot of land dies. Retirement is not a word that belongs in Tyfferim, and for those like Baba Connridh, the idea of not working the land is one so foreign it belongs in Gallei.

Story for the Day: Holiday Expectations

As Ailineighdaeth, the Frewyn winter holiday and beginning of the new year, comes to an end, there is much the residents of the keep have to be grateful for--  least of all being the absence of a certain God at their holiday celebrations:
Alasdair directed the children, giving them the laurels and festoons Pastaddams made in honour of the holiday. “One end over here near the counter, that’s right, and the other in the inlet. Pin it there, and then you can continue without having it stretch over the beam.” He watched them and gave their work an approving nod. “Good. Now you can go on to the other side of the room.” He turned toward the table momentarily, and found Boudicca eyeing him with secretive delight. “What?” “I love when you delegate with your hands on your hips,” she said, smiling at him. “You are one dishrag over the shoulder away from being an anxious mother.” Alasdair spied her unimpressedly. “I am a solicitous father and uncle,” he contended. “Well,” said Sheamas, moving towar…

New Story for the #NewYear: The Gingerbread Cottage

As much as everyone loves Shayne, he's a bit 'out in the fields' when it comes to going anything other than his leatherwork:
The order was made, and with the gingerbread pieces packed, they returned to the keep, Rautu satisfied with his schemes and Boudicca interested to see how much of the gingerbread village would be built before her mate should come to stake his claim on a farm or a latrine. The giant went off on his afternoon hunt in the Royal Wood, to wait until the gingerbread houses were built before insisting upon eating them, and Boudicca moved toward the kitchen, where the children were sat round the table, making decorations for the tree that was to come later in the evening. Hathanta and Baronous were sat with them, Hathanta looping silver threads through the glass globes of the sealrealta, and Baronous relating the Ailineighdaeth story, a history, though well-known to everybody in Frewyn, always entertaining.
“Oh, Commander,” said Baronous, ushering her into …

Ailineighdaeth #Book #Sale and Story:

It was an immense year pushing three books, twelve novellas, and countless short stories out the door, and 2018 is already shaping up to be another long publishing year. One non-fiction book and two fiction novellas are already on the way, and a short story anthology is also in the works. So much to write, so little time, but in honour of the holiday, all our 2017 books are ON SALE for half-price until New Year's Day. If you did not have a chance to read Baba Conrridh or Favour of the Gods, now is your chance!

A New Book Comes...

Over the Ailineighdaeth season, we will be doing edits for the next book. Here is an excerpt: 
There is one person I know who owns the monopoly on misanthropy.
Despite popular opinion, this person is not me.
He is a charming man, full of dashed designs and foiled ambition, who is as self-deprecating and and self-sabotaging as he is sardonic, who is capital at complaining and treats anger and vehemence like an Olympic sport.
He is all my envy. He will say I win at this, merely because he is afraid of my losing, but out of good faith and a general willingness to be agreeable to anyone but my mailman, I gladly bestow the gold medal of grievances unto him.
No, he is not an old grimsir; he is not unlike many: a man severely wronged by the world, shunned by good society and much maligned, his soul is blandished with dented finery, every chip in his spaulders a notch on the sufferance tree, one he uses to good effect to tell everyone exactly what he thinks about them and then c…

Story for the Day: Godly Sight

While Aoidhe and Borras regularly appear to Frewyns during prayers or holidays, more prudent Gods only appear to some in secret, and when there is a child to be humoured, even the most illusive of Gods will reveal themselves: