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Story for the Day: Gran's Pie

No one should ever bother Gran Baba Connridh when she's perusing the fields and doin' a pie fer the Gods. 'Specially when the person doin' the botherin's a thief.
Ain't nobody got time fer that.

Story for the Day: Bricks

While Bartleby is a fully fledged chemist and has an arsenal of alchemical fire at his disposal, he will forever cherish is most rudimentary weapon: sandstone bricks, brought with him from Marridon, for the purposes of building an emergency shelf should he need it and throwing at the crew whenever they should annoy him, which unfortunately for Bartleby is much of the time:

New Non-Fiction book coming this holiday season!

Being a shameless INTJ, a natural allergy to humanity must follow, and what better way to canvas my failings at social interaction than writing about it. I Hate Everyone, the sequel to I Hate Summer, will be available this coming winter. And now, a sample chapter, detailing my continued war with the Bad Man:

It was a brisk morning, and just as I was about to leave the keep, to welter in the cool and cloudy weather and cackle at all the children crooning about having to return to school a few days hence, when there was a timid rap at the door. The musical cadence of the knock suggested a neighbour, and as there was no caroming din from the stairs, someone from my floor must be outside. The Gods blessed me with early autumnal weather and slighted me with a most unwelcome visitor.
I opened the door, and standing on the landing, looking rather deplorable, was the Bad Man, his tool box in hand, his overalls slumping over his wilted shoulders, his aspect downcast and cringing.
There …