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Story for the Day: Pumpkin Spice

Pumpkin is not an acceptable flavouring at anytime.

Story for the Day: The Spy Office

There are many divisions of the Frewyn Armed Forces: the Regulars are made up of cerns and captains and commanders, the Royal Guard are comprised of Elites and Brigadiers, and even the Brigade has its own especial subsection within the ranks of Westren, lending its members to the remote reaches of the Menorian Mountains and the Four Beacons, Frewyn’s far flung corners, where no one save a few passing gulls and ancient winkles would go at the best times of the year. Within these divisions are the irregular groups: the Fire Brigade, made up of volunteers and any new cerns who were told they were going to trained for it, the Frewyn Foreign Legion, containing any commanders and their respective regiments, to embark on missions overseas and help allied nations in need, the archers and quartermasters contingent, who manage all the weapons and equipment whilst shooting anyone who should try to take them, the Westren regiments, with their breacans and pipes and astonishing ability to injure s…

The Myrellenos now available!

IT IS TIME. GO FORTH AND READ. Many thanks to Twisk, who did an amazing job on the cover. More art to come in the paperback!
A book about seasongs, assassins, and tea-drinking pirates.
It is also a book about grammar, breakfast, and science.
Join Captain Danaco, Bartleby, and Rannig aboard the Myrellenos, where games are played into the late evening, limbs are lost over cards, and experiments are done on slightly fungal midshipmen. The conclusion to the Marridon novellas.
Grab the book HERE.

Story of the Day: Thusly is Not a Word

It is so dreadfully easy to discompose Bartleby Crulge. As a librarian and scientist extraordinaire, he cannot but take everything seriously, and the best way to get him to do exactly what you want is to purposely make a mistake and wait for him to fall into the trap of correcting you: