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A First Friend for the Faoladh

 Aodhgan and Eochaid grew up in Osraige with only their family as friends. Their fortune with regard to friendship changed once a certain someone came along:                 The evening was soon approaching, and the king’s residence was alive with animation, the thrum and bustle of preparation overtaking the main hall: the cook and her assistants brought out the meats and encouraged the fire, the windows were hung round with fine festoons, and all the little cousins were scampering about, running in and out of legs while the tables were being arranged and chairs setting down. Myndil watched and cooed in the elation of what was coming, standing on his toes and clapping his hands at his heart.                 “This is going to be my very first feast,” he declared, “--well, not my first feast ever, because we do have feasts for holidays—but certainly my first wedding feast. I’ve never celebrated a wedding before. I know there will be cake, but will there be dancing and music? And do we

Story for the Day: Faoladh

While Myndil and everyone at the abbey might love Aodhgan, lord protector of Osraige, not everyone is so enamoured with his wolf: They searched for other lodgings, inspecting all taverneous buildings around the square, but the more they walked about the place, the more awkward looks they incurred. They were an unusual pairing, nobody having seen one wearing robes with GOD LOVES YOU written on them before, but it was soon clear that some had seen one like Aodhgan before. Their stares were growing fearful, some cowering into corners, others huddling away, and though he smiled and nodded and looked civil, his time at the abbey had made him forgetful. He moved near one of the stalls, had accidentally obscured its owner’s view, and turned to excuse himself when the owner looked up, gasped, and hastening away, taking the moveable part of her stall with her. He turned back, and another woman gasped, instantly clutching her children and dragging them away.                  “They might not