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A New Book Comes...

Over the Ailineighdaeth season, we will be doing edits for the next book. Here is an excerpt: 
There is one person I know who owns the monopoly on misanthropy.
Despite popular opinion, this person is not me.
He is a charming man, full of dashed designs and foiled ambition, who is as self-deprecating and and self-sabotaging as he is sardonic, who is capital at complaining and treats anger and vehemence like an Olympic sport.
He is all my envy. He will say I win at this, merely because he is afraid of my losing, but out of good faith and a general willingness to be agreeable to anyone but my mailman, I gladly bestow the gold medal of grievances unto him.
No, he is not an old grimsir; he is not unlike many: a man severely wronged by the world, shunned by good society and much maligned, his soul is blandished with dented finery, every chip in his spaulders a notch on the sufferance tree, one he uses to good effect to tell everyone exactly what he thinks about them and then c…

Story for the Day: Godly Sight

While Aoidhe and Borras regularly appear to Frewyns during prayers or holidays, more prudent Gods only appear to some in secret, and when there is a child to be humoured, even the most illusive of Gods will reveal themselves:

Story for #Thanksgiving: Harvest Moonshine

Mean Fhomhair is the beginning of the Frewyn High Holidays and the last harvest of the year. Naturally, this means feasting and drinking until someone has had too much and needs to go home, but the evening cannot be finished without someone bringing out the moonshine, in this case good ol' fashioned Westren Rime:

Story for the Day: A Proper Thankin'

There are many euphemisms on the farms with regard to cubicular pursuits: a 'Sethshire sowing', a 'Glaoustre mining', or a 'Tyfferim thanking' are all used when in company with the young to indicate what activities will be taking place in the home later that evening. Winters in Frewyn are long, and what better way to warm up the house than to show how thankful you are to the one you share it with: