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New #Book: Creatures of Fairytale and Myth

Very proud and excited to announce the project I've been working on these last few months:

Creatures from Fairy-Tale and Myth is a compendium of stories, written by the Legendary Ed Greenwood (Forgotten Realms), the Indelible Andrew Valkauskas (Fate of the Norns), the Historical James Kerr, and by me.

An immense volume, highlighting many monsters and fey from European myth, featuring new stories by the loremasters of modern fantasy. Many thanks to Andrew, for asking me to work on the book. I hope you all enjoy the stories of Brandt, Naddr, Eistla, Fredis, Myndil, and many more!

"Life happens to everyone in the per-migration period, but Myndil the Missionary happens to everybody else."

The book will be available for purchase from all major retailers and literary outlets. More information to come!

New #Book Sneak Peek: Myndil and His Monsters

No, that isn't want the book is called, but it does have to do with ancient creatures and monsters.  More release information will be available soon, but for now, enjoy the story of Myndil and his other self:

New Story for the #NewYear: Clerical Work

For all those, like myself and Bilar, who have to work through the holidays:

Maith Ailineighdaeth! A new #book is on the way!

Maith Ailineighdaeth and Happy Frewyn New Year to all!

There are many new books coming in the new year, including a new Baba story, a new Galleisian tale, and Martje's very own cookery book, replete with recipies (or receipts) from the castle keep. This is a book I've wanted to have done for sometime. The book will also include a few dishes from the northern continent and all the making methods.

Below is one of the items in the book: Karnwyl peat cake, as explained by Martje:

"Peat cake, or gurry cake as it's called in Westren and parts of Hallanys, ain't made with turf, though it might have more nutrition if it were. It does look like a guggin, though, when it's cut, but it don't taste half as bad as it looks. Sure looks like a bit 'o the mallacht, but if made right, has a lovely ginger taste and will keep you th'while. Traditionally, the outsiders are made from leftover ginger loaf, not sweet, 'cause they don't get much sugar in Karnwyl.…

A story for the #holidays: To Gut a Goose

Nowadays, it is not everyone who is called upon to secure their own holiday dinner. We peruse the markets, choose a turkey or ham as we like, dress it and broil it and think nothing of it, but if we were made to garnish the table as it is done on the farms, very few of us would ever put a bird on the table again: