Silence and solitude

Authors do everything to either observe society or ignore it. Silence is our most precious commodity, and though many might feel that we are reclusive, they cannot see the sometimes hundreds of characters that we can.

I had such a stressful day that when I was left to myself, I had to express it in the following:

the peaceable silence
 the quiet rapture
 the boundless equanimity
 found in an excellent tea
 a pen, a paper
 and one scowl from the most divine creature in the world:
 All my affection is in his pout
 and all my security is in the page

Twisk says it sounds like poem. Odd that I should abominate poetry.


  1. Twisk is right, but sometimes flowery words are the only way to express oneself.

    A place where one can have silence, favorite comfort drink, a writing method and one's specially created hero come to you is a wonderful place.


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