Story for the Day: Vondeva's

Vondeva's is the most talked of place in Lucentia. Here is what it looks like:

The grand entrance of Vondeva’s at the end of the lane was soon presented them and it recommended everything that the most preferred and most exclusive culinary enterprise in the Lucentian capital should aspire to be: a long, red velvet rug lined the avenue toward the opened black marble doors, gold fringe ornamented the awning and lintel trimmings, a set of stone fountains carved with the likeness of shapely women stood at the side of each post, and decorated handmaidens with painted eyes and bejeweled fingers stood at attention in welcome of any arriving clients. The establishment had at once been  more of a slatternly inn, but once Lamir had claimed the throne and restored the wealth of the capital to its former triumph, the establishment had all the support it required to become master of the princedom’s gastronomic values.
                The pillars of amber flame from the braziers ornamenting the path toward the entrance warmed Kai Linaa’s cheeks and she clung to Arkastino’s hand in excitement. She heard the tinkling sounds of harps, the strums of citterns and the din of goblet drums, and as she peered into the open doors observed fires being toss back and forth from the fire-eaters performing their exhibition within. Her eyes were aglow with animation and delight, all eyes and ears and coming to understand Arkastino’s zeal for such a place. She glanced at Unghaahi and sauntered on her toes, her pace quickening  as she grew more eager to see the wonders prevalent inside the extravagant peripheral. She skipped toward the door and was instantly assailed by the two painted women waiting to serve them. They fluttered around her, welcoming her and supplicating themselves all at once, and though Kai Linaa was astonished by their aggressive kindness, she observed that Arkastino seemed unbothered by them. She assumed this was a mere part of the long processions of events that must conclude with being seated at a table and was willing to accept the profuse bows and huddling servants if only to be permitted through the door.
                Unghaahi marked Kai Linaa’s apparent discomfort and took her from Arkastino to allow the women the chance of indulging their regulars. Ladrei overtook the party with Iraiya at his side, and waved the oncoming and scantily garmented women toward Nidello, who equally thanked them for their graciousness but passed them on to other customers entering behind them. Adsen was not overlooked for being at such an elevated age, but his affections being otherwise engaged to a woman long passed yet forever in his heart could not be made over to those who would empty his pockets for only a night’s company.
                Ladrei was greeted by the main attendant, a tall elven woman with long black hair and angular eyes of elegant form and pleasant features. He said a few words to her, indecipherable to the remainder of the party, and the woman floated away to see that their usual table would be amply dressed for a larger gathering than was customarily expected. The table was garnished, the attendant returned and the party was led through the vast dining hall.
                 All of Kai Linaa greatest aspirations were met upon walking into the main area of the establishment: jade tables with chiseled legs lined the center walkway, in the corners were cushioned harems of thinly veiled women, booths of finely dressed elven lords and their sleek ladies lined the outer rows, harpists and flautists entertained the patrons with lively Lucentian music while dancers performed their acrobatic saltation along the isles, fire-eaters juggled coals and spit flames from their lips. It was a menagerie of delights more magnificent than Kai Linaa could have conceived, and the decor of aquariums filled with vibrantly hued fish and creeping vines were all displayed for her delectation. She soon found it difficult to move her feet: she was so engrossed with the atmosphere of this place that she would not continue toward the table until she had seen everything her sharp eyes could gander. Her mouth was agape and would not close until Unghaahi placed his finger beneath her chin to do so for her.


  1. My mouth would be agape too, Kai Linaa! This sounds like an enchanting restaurant.


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