Story for the Day: A Return Celebration

A Return Celebration
                Unghaahi and Kai Linaa were enjoying the tranquilities that the open sea afforded them. Their return journey north after their few months’ absence in Frewyn was of easy and measure tenor, treating the assent to their home in the islands as another holiday rather than a mere voyage. The days were spent on the main deck with Kai Linaa sketching away with her charcoals and pressed powders and with Unghaahi practicing his kaatas while doing his utmost to screen himself from view, for though the trade vessel they had taken was from Frewyn and many aboard knew the Den Amhadhri, there we many a trader and passenger alike from the Triumvirate who were not familiar with him or his status at Diras Castle. He gained a few chary and guarded looks, which he attempted to smooth away with polite bows, but a Haanta that immense and performing the strenuous and powerful movements of his regimen must give some agitation at last. Any heedful looks the grey colossus should incur, however, would not signify while Kai Linaa was present: he had made the journey too often to be disturbed by looks of misapprehension and she as his mate was the soother of any further anxiety.
                Although it pained Kai Linaa to see Unghaahi treated with any temper of misgiving, she could not deny that in some respect to see a being so powerful and immense, and attached to herself, instilling awe and fear in those he passed even through his smiles and genial inclinations only made him more appealing. To be the eternal mate of a man so revered and remarked with each thundering step he took on board the vessel was a clandestine delight she would not disallow. Every stare made her cheeks glow with warmth and colour. Her heart fluttered and she could not help but press Unghaahi’s gargantuan arm in secret rapture. She responded their wary looks with ones of her own, warning them of her ability and willingness to bite in answer, but all her defensiveness and ideas of counterattack were soon assuaged with a few purring words from her mate.
                “Ghaala,” he whispered, his lips grazing the tip of her large, pointed ears. “You must disregard their looks. They are not wrong to fear me. However, in time, they will learn that would not harm them.”
                “I just don’t like them looking at you like that when they don’t know you,” Kai Linaa said, straining to be serious when her mate’s touch was making her otherwise subdued.
                “I am aware this distresses you, Ghaala, but you must give them khostaas.”
                Kai Linaa was obliged to say little more than a breathless, “ . . . Okay,” and was equally compelled followed her mate wherever he went.
                The evenings were spent first on the bow to enjoy the rush of the squall made by the vessel cutting through the waters of the Eastern Sea and to see the mirror of luminaries cast down from the skies. When the nights grew too cold and damp for Kai Linaa, Unghaahi took her to their room in the hold of the ship where they spent the remainder of their evening enjoying the solitude and confinement their room afforded them. There were no stares of disapprobation to hinder them here, and while engrossed in the comforts of one another’s adoring eyes, they moved to honour each other with a parting of legs, a removal of garments, a slip of the hand between the thighs, and a most desirable invasion.
                Kai Linaa endeavored to be as silent as was possible, biting her tongue and pursing her lips to hide their pursuits, but the pleasurable undulations and disparaging thrusts of a ravenous giant made her all but quiet. When her groans and shrills became too loud, knocks on the door and shouts as to whether the lady were in danger were received. “I’m fine,” Kai Linaa shouted, and then laughed when the worried passerby went on. Her pursuit of hushed pleasance was recommenced, but an impalement, a flex of her mate’s chiseled backside beneath her heels and Kai Linaa had done with quietude. She pulled his braids and met every voracious drive with elation, enjoying her mate’s heavy virility continually thrash against her thighs. His winces and moans were a joy to her, and each session over brought pleas for another.



  2. Unghaahi's little protector so sweet. Ahh, beautiful passionate communion in the evening. Love this couple!


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