A message from His Majesty King Alasdair on #ElectionDay

A reader once asked whether King Alasdair would be President of the United States. At the time, he respectfully declined, and now that we have reached another election cycle, his answer remains the same. While he has no desire to run a second country, he does have a vested interest in the outcome of this election, because he cares about what happens to those who reach out to him. A message from Diras Castle:
Eleventh Month, Eight Day, 1010 Clans United
Diras Castle

To the Good People of the United States:

Several of you have reached out to me on the subject of your Election Day, asking whether Frewyn
could annex your Great Land, or whether I would like to be your nation's leader, and while I would put your States under the auspices of Frewyn's Crown, and I would not mind being your leader, I must honestly say that I don't know whether I would be the best person for the position. I understand Frewyn, I know how to manage the courts and listen to my people, and our two countries are so entirely different that I don't know whether my abilities would be of any benefit to your people as a whole.

Frewyn leaders, be they kings or queens, are not elected by the people. We succeed one another in a royal line, and whoever is the highest ranking peer to the current king, whether that person is a prince or a high lord, is the next to claim the throne. We have had excellent leaders, like King Allun the First and Brave King Breian, two leaders who brought Frewyn to its cultural pinnacle, who made lasting alliances and opened trade routes, who made Frewyn an economic success and a leading world power, but we have also had terrible kings, leaders who have nearly destroyed everything Breian and Allun worked so tirelessly to build, leaders like my brother, who plunged us into needless war, but whether we have been led by good kings or bad, it is the People of Frewyn who have endured despite any consequences of a ruler's decisions. I understand that in your election now there are two candidates whom most people dislike, but whether one candidate is elected over another, it is ultimately your people who will persevere and succeed whatever rulings your leaders will make. Frewyns have always been what makes this kingdom exceptional: we are a hardy and dependable people-- the weather in our country might have something to do with our natural resilience and generosity-- we understand the importance of charity and kindness, and we live in a simple style compared to other allied nations. As my grandfather told me, and as I have said before, a king, or any leader really, is a public servant, and my entire purpose as King of Frewyn is to serve the interests of my people, which luckily are quite modest considering what they could be asking for.

While we do not elect officials in Frewyn, we do have municipal votes, in which the people decide whether to act on certain governmental affairs, such as public works and long-term environmental projects, items which their tax money pays for and which their lives are directly affected by, and as I understand it, there are state elections which are also happening today. I would say, as someone who has lived through an era of good and bad kings, that these elections are more important, simply because these representatives are supposed to directly represent you and your communal needs. A leader is really only as effective as his constituents, and while I have a certain power in the courts, I need allies who will help me to pass new laws and bear down all the opposition coming from those who have no interest in helping the public.

I cannot tell you where to cast your vote; only you can decide that. You must choose a leader and representatives who reflect your values and desires, and if there is no one in the race whom you feel is in line with justice, honourableness, and general understanding, it is up to you to create the country you want to live in. Even in Frewyn we have had to fight against oppressive measures from time to time, but through every revolution and rebellion Frewyn has had, it is always the mandate to keep Frewyn a fair and free kingdom which has triumphed. I will only advise you not to vote for anyone who would willingly lead your people into war, and not to vote for anyone who uses fear as a means of gaining your allegiance. I have been in that courtroom, when my brother claimed the royal seat, and whatever you do in your election, you must not vow to take up the sword against another nation on the word of tyrannical leaders. Do not put your life behind your vote; there is always another way to solve conflict. Pay close attention to the benefactors of your elected officials; they will give you a hint of where a future leader's alliances may take you. My brother followed Galleisian interests, and as a result, one of Frewyn's greatest leaders, my grandfather King Dorrin, was killed. Choose someone who chooses your wellbeing above all else.        

As for those who are demanding they be allowed to emigrate to Frewyn based on the results of your election, Frewyn is more than happy to have you, but you must understand that our kingdom is not the United States. Frewyn is a socio-democratic constitutional monarchy: we do not have political parties, we have strict weapons regulations, we have heavy taxes for landed estates, we are a predominantly agrarian society, our medical system and education is funded on tax money and regulated by the crown, freedom of marriage is not decided by our church, technological advancements are purposely limited, and all foreign investments in the kingdom are severely restricted. If you are willing to abide by the kingdom's regulations, you may visit the Frewyn Immigration Office in Farriage and speak to Lord Ruaidhric at your earliest convenience.

I wish you and your country much success in your election. May the Gods be with you.

Alasdair Braeghan Brennin I
King of Frewyn