A message of hope from His Majesty King Alasdair

Eleventh Month, Thirteenth Day, 1010 Clans United
Diras Castle

To the people of the United States,

I very much appreciate all the letters you have sent to the keep in the last week. I have been watching the results of your election with some concern, and hearing of any discriminatory acts committed at anytime would distress me, but it does so now because of who is going to be your next leader. I confess it is disquieting to know that your country is being taken over by someone who has a history of questionable conduct-- and I say questionable with much hesitation-- but regardless of how he commands his courts or treats his subordinates, your people will rally again. It may be difficult now to see the good in all this-- I know I saw no good in my brother's ascending the throne-- but your country has had its share of terrible leaders, and you have borne their poor policies, and survived as one nation in spite of their incompetence. The two most important things you can do when a leader like yours comes to power is to stay together and never yield to intolerance. There is yet so much good to be done, and falling into apathy or even despair, while inevitable, is not advisable. 

Frewyn and the Continents in general has had bad kings before, but their oppressive leadership has always led to revolution and positive change. We cannot always have the most qualified and compassionate to lead us; we would never want to improve if we did not have leaders to show us where a change was needed, and overall, the world is undergoing a positive change. It may not seem so from your current perspective, but all over the Continents, wherever there has been suffering, perseverance and action has been rewarded. About a hundred years ago, the Two Continents were in a horrible state: Thellis and the Islands were at war again, Livanon was in a period of civil unrest, King Reneldin was plunging Lucentia into poverty, and Mad Queen Maeve was destroying Frewyn, but when people united and stood beside one another at the front line of social integrity, they brought about change that benefited everybody. The Livanese succeeded in putting the Buthaena family on the throne, King Reneldin was deposed, and Mad Queen Maeve threw herself from the castle battlements after millions of Frewyns stormed the capital to protest against her cruelty. A Second Golden Era followed the continental uprisings: my grandfather was put on the Frewyn throne, Prince Lamir restored Lucentia to its former glory, and Livanon and the Islands settled their respective conflicts, but even Golden Ages are never perfect, and even the greatest of kings have their faults. People often become complacent and indifferent when they believe everything is going on well, and as much as we should never want to experience a period of national disagreement, agitation is sometimes necessary to awaken those who would otherwise never join the rebellion. 

In times of uncertainty and reformation, we stand allied with one another, for while we all have our disagreements, a people can always agree on poor leadership, and oftentimes old prejudices will fade under the coalition of the Rallying Cry. When I joined Tyfferim Company during the Galleisian War, there were many cerns who refused to fight alongside me because of who my brother was, but after I showed them that my allegiance was not with the Frewyn elite, and I stood beside the farmers and soldiers on the front line, they accepted me as their Captain, and together we defeated our enemies on both fronts and reclaimed our country not just for a new king but for all Frewyns. I have no doubt that if you listen to one another, encourage meaningful discussion, and begin forming a coalition, just as we did when my brother took the throne and tried to ruin our kingdom, you as a people will triumph regardless of how long an unworthy leader reigns.          

The motto of Frewyn is Onne Bennath Aconna: we are in accordance. It was written by First King Allun on our constitution when all the tribes united and Frewyn became a united nation for the first time. We have never allowed anyone to divide us since. You are the United States, you once championed for freedom and triumphed against one of the most insuperable nations in the world, and if you fight to remain united, no one will ever wrest your nation from its extraordinary heritage.

Onne Bennath Aconna

Alasdair Braeghan Brennin I
King of Frewyn