The Birthday Parade

A special extra story to commemorate Twisk's birthday:

The Birthday Parade
    After the pleasantries of Kai Linaa's birthday cake were cleared away from the kitchen table, there was much discussion as to what was to be done in honour of her birthday. The four Haanta made numerous petitions to teach her the forbidden practices of the Amghari she so desired to learn to commemorate such a day but Alasdair sensibilities overruled their suggestions, fearing that the small woman would not be able to withstand the strain on her body. Quiet Frewyn activities were set in place of arrow-catching and strength training at the commander's proposal for she believed the birthday practices of the nobility were in order. Culinary decadence, the parading of oneself about while making proclamations of the special day, the purchasing of excessive clothing, the demanding of certain rights had all done for the royals of the keep and they should therefore to very well for Kai Linaa.
     Obhantaa Leraa lifted the small elven woman upon his shoulders and held her hands out to assumed pageantry position. She was given Alasdair's crown to wear through the halls, which forced the commander to remark that as least someone would wish to wear it even if only for the space of a day, and as the cake had already been divided and eaten amongst them, all the minutiae were met with perfection. Obhantaa Leraa was given the lead of the party and on King Alasdair's word began marching throughout the keep, maintaining Kai Linaa in good view.
      The white giant leaped gently up and down with the woman gracing his shoulders and everyone was made to pay homage to the birthday princess Kai Linaa. Servants in the yeoman's quarter feigned bows with mirthful smiles as she passed and when the procession of giants followed by the commander and the king passed into the main hall of the castle keep, its ambling inhabitants were astonishment for the sight of the woman adorned in the king's crown. There were some wary looks exchanged between those of the Frewyn noble house but once King Alasdair crossed their view, their apprehension gave way to humble inclinations of the head and audible whispers of inequality. The notion of a water carrier and portraitist being permitted to don the Frewyn crown offended their small minds but there was little they could say to refute the occurrence without gaining the ill favor of their king. 
      When Obhantaa and Kai Linaa walked through the main gate, they received proud salutes from the royal guard. The men raised their shields to the elven woman and tapped their polearms to the ground in her honour. Kai Linaa, so besieged with exultation, was full of smiles. Her cheeks glowed and her eyes brightened to see the equal bliss of everyone in their party abound. She leaned down to embrace Obhantaa, tucking her arms about his neck and kissing his round cheeks in thanks for his volunteering to carry her.
       "Your hair tickles, Mizoahi," Obhantaa said with a warm laugh. "I may drop you if you are not careful." To combat her pleasant teasing, the white giant lifted his hand and attacked her with his wiggling fingers, causing the woman to writhe in laughter atop his shoulders.
       Kai Linaa's howling giggles caused the children in the Churchyard nearby to take notice of her and when they saw the parade of four giants, the commander and the king coming toward them, they leapt with great alacrity toward them, all demanding rides and hopping up and down for their turn to come.
The Den Asaan growled at the lively children nearing his feet. He roared at them to leave him be and commanded his mate to remove them from his presence but there was little to be done when Unghaahi and Obhantaa delighted at the sight of them. The Den Asaan took his mate by the shoulders and placed her in front of him as a shield. His tactics at concealment and his repellant scowl would not send the loud creatures away and the giant grew incensed at their intrusion. It was then decided that the only way to appease them was to give them nearly equal consideration and both Unghaahi and Otenohi agreed to pile the children onto their enormous shoulders for their delectation, much to the chagrin of the Reverend Mother standing in the yard now devoid of her students.
         Once Unghaahi and Otenohi were comfortably situated with the flurry of children, their march resumed and Kai Linaa was carried thorough the capital. Many of the passing denizens waved to the impressive spectacle, all paying their due respects to Kai Linaa and the king as they passed. The gaiety of the children being tossed about by the commanding strides of the giants had regaled all of those near them and several Diras marketgoers came to join their parade, wishing to meet with the king and to give their personal wishes to Kai Linaa.
         They walked the length of the marketplace, gathering more to their collective as they went, and when the small display became a full parade, those that stood by cheered and waved to those who marched. An hour had passed in such a happy manner and not one face stopped smiling. Even the Den Asaan was not as displeased as usual given the volume of the teeming district, but the parade soon ended and the giant's riled sensibilities were appeased as the children were returned to the Church and Kai Linaa was let down from Obhantaa's shoulders. The elven woman was given on last embrace from everyone in the party and before she was whisked away by her mate to the throes of their bedchamber for the evening, she returned the crown to Alasdair with words of thoughtfulness and a warm smile.
          There was not a more superior birthday to be had. Kai Linaa could not have asked for a more exquisite day and though she wished it would not soon be over, she retained much thankfulness in her heart for those who had taken to her so readily and saw that her delight on such a day was the most consequential of all collective sentiments.


  1. These are one of most beautiful and wonderful birthday wishes anyone ever told me AAAAAAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW ANONNAA I LOVE YOU!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU ^_______________________^ Oh the cottage- a dream I know will one day come true :D ^^
    And wishes from Mr.M and Mr.Craw - AAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWW I'm melting!!!!!! it must have cost him a lot of willpower to agree to say it aloud (or rather write it down LOL ) it's so amazing and I so much appreciate it!!!! I'm gonna HUG Mr.M and thank him first moment I'll see him ^_______________^ and same to Mr. Craw ahahahahahahahahahahah :D :D
    Cottage, much Khopra and many sweets- exactly what I want (and Unghaahi ^^)!!!! *makes a wish, blows the candle * LOL
    " Ghesturaas dan Anaalon: you Haanta family" - *SNIFF* oh my, it's so touching and ...Haanta sounds so amazingly....the idea of having such a family of brothers and sisters, Anonnaa and with my Ataas Traala is like a dream coming true *LOVEEEEEE*
    THANK YOU, ANONNA , You made me so happy and changed my fate for better through this last 7 or 8 months and gave me hope, and now this..... *SNIFF** THE BEST ANONNAA EVER ^^^^^^ I don't know with what I deserved for so much kindness from You, but I am so greatful to You and I will never forget this, no matter what &&

  2. And a proper comment: THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU ANONNAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THIS WAS ONE OF THE HAPPIEST AND JOYOUS AND BEST DAYS EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *sniff* I cried, it was so beutiful, everybody were so good to Kai Linaa and she had SUCH A GREAT FUN!!!!!! I will never forget this day, never ever, I will think about it and smile to myself thinking how lucky I am to have such Anonnaa as You and all of them ^______________^


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