Happy 2011

2010 was the best year of my life thus far. I wrote 774 short stories, 5 books and published one (albeit with missing chapters thanks to the publisher but I'm hoping this will be rectified in 2011).

I would like to take this moment to thank Twisk for being my Anonnaa and going along with me. Her art and companionship have been invaluable to me. May we make books together forever.

To all the readers who visit the site, Happy New Year. Crawww!



    I admit year 2010 was such a surprise - I never would have thought at the beginning of it that it will bring SO MANY good and positive moments and things AND ALL lol - I met my Anonnaa, thanks to her I started drawing again, I met Unghaahi whom I love SO much, I got purpose , my Mivaala - all of these things helped me so greatly that I don't think anyone will ever understand it :) That must be one of the best years in my life as I think about it ^^
    All of this thanks to my Anonnaa :)
    Now, for the first time from a long time I'm curious of what the future will bring ^^

    Thank You, Michelle, my Anonnaa Yonnaa ^^
    May we make books together forever. &&


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