Morning Glory

Morning Glory

    The awning of stars began to dissipate and the gloaming colours of the morning sky renewed themselves as the sun peeked over the horizon. The commander was the first to awaken. A pair of massive arms coiled around her torso, crushing her against the Den Asaan’s formidable frame. His well-muscled body tensed and he moaned in his restful state, pressing his strong legs against hers. She felt his mouth graze the back of her neck. His hands gripped her ripened breasts for the pleasure of feeling her flesh. She responded to his unconscious movements by forcing her lower back against his abdomen and fitting her backside into a more pleasing position.
The giant was immediately roused. His black and violet eyes flared open and he inhaled the scent of his close mate with a vicious growl to accompany his breaths. “Open your legs, woman,” he purred in her ear from behind her, “I am thick for you.”
The commander laughed at his direct translation of the Haanta parlance. “I have no doubt you are more than prepared,” she tittered, feeling his large mass grow and solidify between her thighs. “I know, however, that should I oblige you it will be a never-ending torrent of wishes to defile me for the remainder of the day.”

    The giant grew ardent at her gentle refusal and gave her one quick and hard shake, lifting himself and looming over her body. “Woman, if you deny me now, I will destroy you later.”

    “Aha, but perhaps that is what I want,” the commander said, raising her brows and turning onto her back.

    Rautu eyed his mate with a voracious countenance, scouring the valley between her large breasts. “Iim ebhaasit ethnaa, Traala Bhaasta Gondhaahi,” he breathed, maneuvering over her.

    The commander noted his quickening inhalations, the suggestive genuflection of his hips, his diminishing pupils, and the quaking of his powerful arms. He was allowing his ethnaa to surface and the notion of him unleashing it upon her as the sun began to rise was an appealing one. She opened her legs to invite him into the enticing space between her thighs and the giant readily accepted, moving aside his kilt and cloth to necessitate the act. She exhaled as he entered her tight crevice, pleasurably burying himself inside her.

    He did not wait for her to widened and accommodate his size. The Den Asaan’s morning appetite overcame him. He held his mate’s legs apart with his hands and plunged himself into her unreservedly. He groaned in pleasance for the warmth and succulence she afforded him, leaning upon her generous chest and forcing his large offering into her. Her discomfort enticed him and as he impaled her, his mate’s cries became ones of elation instead of pain. He thrummed, permitting his hands to roam her ample form. He left teeth marks in the skin of her breast and shoulders, biting down with each forceful thrust. His drives increased in rate and ardency until his fervor to please them both equally assailed him, and he was compelled to give way to his completion. He consumed her tender flesh, filling her breach with his charitable contribution as she sucked on the underside of her breasts. His undulations slowed and became harsh while his pulsations grew stronger. He winced with each ripple of delight waving through his body and was about to request they perform the exquisite act again until the Den Asaan was struck with a boulder of snow to the face.

    The commander and her irate mate looked up to the top of the cottage to find Otenohi perched upon it, howling in laughter for having ruined the end of his brother’s morning pursuits. The inquisitor had arrived sometime during the night, presumably a short time after Unghaahi received their note, and had plunked down upon the thatched roof to watch the Ataas Traala’s exploits from a more agreeable position. He greatly enjoyed the sight of the commander’s heavy breasts exposed for his appreciation and he took excessive pleasure in watching his brother take her with such unchecked vigor. He know his brother had required one who could withstand his brutal hunger and though he had found him one on the islands, she had been foolish and believed she could survive his sensual cruelty when she could not. The commander, however, had done more than well for him and while Otenohi found none of Frewyn’s women pleasing to the eye, he found the commander’s abilities to endure the Haanta plight astonishing. He wondered if many of Frewyn’s unbecoming women possessed the same quality and he pined that he could not test them due to requiring his own mate’s permission.

    The Den Asaan roared in ire for Otenohi’s intrusion. He had planned an early morning of nesting between the commander’s delectable thighs and though he could take his mate in front of his brother to spite his endeavors at despoiling his designs, he knew such action would give Otenohi great pleasure and therefore was decided against. He shouted for his brother to challenge him and Otenohi complied, hopping off the roof and preparing for a match.

    “Pleased to see you, Otenohi,” the commander fleered with a shake of her head as she placed her proportions back into her armor.

    “And I you, Amhadhri,” the inquisitor said, his eyes blazing with interest for her.

    The Den Asaan retied his loincloth and stood in front of his mate to shield her from Otenohi’s view. “Away from my Traala, Otenohi,” he shouted. “You disturbed our Khopra.”

    “Then you will have to perform the act again later to prove yourself to your mate.”

    Rautu’s fists clenched in frustration and he lunged at his brother, grappling him to the ground. Otenohi laughed but with each mirthful sound, the Den Asaan only grew more infuriated. Their small struggle became a full battle and though each side was equal in ability, the Den Asaan eventually won the match and pinned his brother to the ground, forcing into giving an apology. Otenohi stood and bowed, asking for forgiveness.

    Rautu humphed and granted his brother’s wish. “You will ask for khostaas from my Traala,” the Den Asaan demanded, pointing toward the commander. He glared at Otenohi and watched him to make certain he would not stand too close to his mate when he bowed, placing his pointed nose near what was his.

    Otenohi’s vivid eyes tapered with hunger as he marked the woman’s pleasing mounds. “Khostaas, Amhadhri,” he purred, keeping his eyes on his object as he bowed.

    The commander scoffed, believing the licentious giant to be hopeless. “Granted, Otenohi. I don’t mind that you watch but I do mind that you pester your brother while doing so. If you wouldn’t allow your need to bother him overcome you, you could have sat there all morning and thoroughly enjoyed yourself.”

    “Perhaps, Amhadhri. However, irritating my brother is more pleasing to me than watching him claim you.” Otenohi grinned and exchanged a knowing glance with the commander, pleased that she would give him such allowances on both accounts.


  1. AAAAAAAAAAAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA ROFL!!! Uncle Otenohi!!!! :D :D :D And sitting all this time on the roof and watching hahahahahahahah ROFL :D :D!! yeah, so like him ^^ I'm affraid he wouldn't find many of Frewyn women such as Bou though, even if he would be allowed to try them ahahahahah :D the idea of throwing a snowball into Rautu's face while he had Khopra with Bou is HILARIOUS HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA :D :D :D Otenohi was too pleased asking for khostaas , I swear hahahahahahahahahhaa ^_____^ Who wouldn't be though, having such a sexy woman infront of him :)

  2. Otenohi takes his life into his own hands angering Rautu by disturbing him and then eying up his woman. A little walk on the wild side makes him happy so it seems.


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