Story for the Day: Marridon's Device

Rautu saw his first infomercial today. This is what happened.

Mad Unghaahi is mad. Cower and obey his word.

Marridon’s Device

                In the midst of all the bustle from the recently established Marridon merchants in the Diras marketplace, there was a demonstration being held by one of the traders for one of the latest Triumvirate machinations. The particular object was a stimulating device that when applied to the skin promised to endorse the toning and appearance of muscles. Such a remarkable contrivance was being displayed near the square by a gentleman of tall figure and furtive countenance on a woman who seemed to have no use for the device, as she was already in handsome condition, yet there were claims made that she had become so vigorous as a result of using the item with frequency. Many in the crowd awed in wonder for the device and they watched the trader’s exhibition in anticipation of him performing a miracle for one of the more obese of Frewyn.       
                “Such an abominable exploitation,” the commander mused as she and her mate stood narrowly by the exhibition.  
                The Den Asaan narrowed his gaze in attempt to survey the method of the object’s use and the purpose of it application but could find no perceptible result when it was used on others. “What is that?” he demanded, pointing to the item.
                “It’s a device used in Marridon’s healing facilities. It’s meant for rehabilitative purposes after one suffers a grave injury. It enlivens atrophied muscles to help those who wish to increase the rate at which they heal.”
                “Movement and training will do that for them,” the Den Asaan contended.
                The commander snickered to herself. “You know very well, Iimon Ghaala, that many on the mainland are always searching for quick assurance of health without having to perform any of the necessary action to attain it.”
                Rautu listened to his mate’s small speech on the subject but watched with a vigilant glare as the item was compared to traditional means of gaining tone. Implementation and sweating was disparaged and the Den Asaan buried his constrained features into his hand numerous times. With each avowal of shapeliness and perfection, another sigh of disgust was expelled until Rautu could bear the interested coos of the crowd no longer. “This device discourages exercise,” he shouted. “Your people are senseless to believe this will aid them.”
                “Many look for the shortest route, Iimon Ghaala, and though there are instances in which the shortest route does do the job, it never does so in quiet the right manner. This strange article may give one a more preferable form, but I daresay it will not give all the other benefits that mere exercise can impart,” she said with a churlish grin. “One may have all the muscle in the world but under layers of plumpness, no one will see it.”
                The Den Asaan observed as folk in the gathering began to open their coin purses and he could abide the atrocity no further. He sensed from the exhibitioner’s agreeable smile and quickness of speech that he knew his invention would only be an impermanent means of wellbeing until another item could be conceived and the Den Asaan would not allow a deception to endure while he was present. “This dishonesty will be rectified. Remain here, woman. I will return with my brother.”
                The commander laughed and relished the sight of Unghaahi, master negotiator and king of civility, attacking the display with all his good-humour and politeness. She urged Rautu to hasten toward the keep and he returned moments later with the Den Amhadhri at his side. There were many assertions made on the side of how devious and incongruous the Marridon invention was, and Unghaahi decided on a close inspection of it before acting. The crowd parted around the giant as he approached and he bowed low to the exhibitioner, requesting a demonstration of the item on himself. It was placed onto his thickened flesh and he deliberated as he felt his massive muscles being constricted involuntarily.
                “This only forces the muscle to contract. There is no benefit here, there is no strength acquired,” Unghaahi said in a forceful tone, wishing to impress his understanding of the machination taking place. He shook his head and hummed his displeasure. “I will not endorse this. This device is a detriment to your people. You are promoting poor health by conveying that exercise is harmful. I do not approve of this.” Unghaahi gripped the deleterious device and crushed it with his mighty palm. “Hear me, merchant,” his voice boomed. “My brother and I have earned our forms through years of arduous training and though our bodies underwent much strain, we are in faultless condition.”
                A few ogling women in the crowd were compelled to agree as they gawped at the Den Amhadhri’s exquisite frame, watching Unghaahi make a few unconscious flexes of his forearm and bicep when he destroyed the item in his hand.     
                “Our people have no illness and are encouraged to move during our day. Even those who must be still for their duties such as our Bhendosha are given time and means to exercise and eat well. Care for your people, do not deceive them with these devices. To harm others is to harm oneself. Remember this and do not endorse this again.” Unghaahi made a polite bow and thundered back toward where his brother and the commander stood. He was pleased to hear many Frewyn women begin to inquire on the subject of Haanta implementation and was honoured to oblige them all with an answer.   


    hahahaah he indeed was the best example for all those naive people :D I loved it when he mentioned Bhendosha excersizing hehehe ^^
    And all of those stupid Frewyn woman can only dream of such a man - NO TOUCHING!!!!!!!!!!!! Or Kai Linaa will bite ROFL


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