Story for the day: Ears

Just a little diversion.

       Kai Linaa sat in her quarters within the guest quarter of the keep with her pencil in one hand and her thin drawing parchment neatly within the center of her lap. Her back hunched as she was diligently working on a new piece. Her hand skittered across the page with every gradual inscription and her ears twitched with excitement for her subject. She would look up intermittently from her page to regard Unghaahi sitting before the fire in front of her, practicing his daily meditations. The measured and droning thrums of the Haanta scriptures emanated from her mate's pleasing mouth and she felt she must draw him tranquilized expression while he was in such a state.
       Though Unghaahi's eyes were closed for the duration of his practice, he could be under no mistake as to what Kai Linaa's employment was. He smiled when he heard the scratching of her implement against the parchment and he simpered through his words to hear her blowing with all the might her small form could collect to blow away the shavings her kneaded eraser created. He peeked at her a few times through the crack of a curious eye to spy on her intent countenance, and when he observed her sitting in the corner arched over her paper, he could not resist murmuring the remainder of his Haakhas with a delighted quickness and joining her at her side.
       Kai Linaa noted the shadow of her mate assailing her and held her paper close to her chest. "I'm not finished," she said smilingly.
       Unghaahi sat and curled his immense form around his mate, gathering her into his arms. "Please, Ghaala," he purred in her ear, "Allow me to see. I enjoy seeing you practice your gift and improve with every drawing you create."
       Kai Linaa's round cheeks crimsoned and she slipped into the shyness of a shrugging shoulder to save herself from her mate's observation. "I know what you're trying to do," she playfully accused him, "and I'll just tell you now, it's working."
       The giant awed affectedly and caught the blush of her cheek traveling toward the tips of her ears and the nape of her neck with the back of his hand. He watched the small hairs on the top of her back raise and hummed to further demolish her timidity at showing him the portrait. "Ghaala," he whispered. He watched his mate close her eyes in surrender and he placed his hand on hers to move the parchment away from her chest. His endeavors where met with some resistance, however, but her refutations were all erased when his teeth grazed her ear. He delicately nibbled along the ridge of her flushed tips, tracing the angular point with his tongue. His motions ruined Kai Linaa's composure and she was forced to submit to her mate's desire. He continued in his task, desirous of gain his mate's reaction while eyeing her work from the corner of his eye. In the glimpse he received, he felt she had captured his sense of serenity entirely and he believed there was no need to be humiliated for so accurate a depiction.    
       Kai Linaa sighed, part in delecation for Unghaahi's treatment of her large ears and part in mortification for him seeing a drawing of him half done. "That's unfair," she contended in displeasure more with herself for conceding than for her mate winning so easily. "You spent years in training learning how to be an expert negotiator and I'm only just learning how to draw."
       "You should not be disappointed, Kai Linaa," Unghaahi softly said, still attacking her ears with his teeth. "You have trained so little and yet your skills of portrait-making are equal to mine in negotiation."
       Kai Linaa fleered at her mate's comment, feeling he was being generous on purpose. "When I've finished, then you can judge it."
       "You have succeeded, Ghaala."
       Kai Linaa raised her brow. "But the drawing isn't done."
       "You wanted to see me closer to you and I am here."
       She averted her eyes and coloured in embarrassment. "Why do you always have to be right?" she murmured.
       Unghaahi protested that he was not always correct in his assumptions and only amended that he knew his mate well enough to predict what she was thinking. Her unending smiles confirmed his conjectures and he sat still so that she may finish her drawing.


    OMGGGGGGGGGGGGG I DIED READING IT I LOVE IT SO SO MUCH :D:D:D I was reading every sentence twice and giggling to myself and screaming from joy bwhahahahahahaah SO SO SO SO SWEEEETTTTTTT^___________^
    omg now I'm gonna think about ears kissing and nibbling all day AWWWWWWWWWWWWWW *LOVE*
    I love him. SO SO SO SO MUCH. SO much :)



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