Story for the day: The Food Pyramid

Rautu thinks meat and chocolate are part of a balanced diet
I saw the food pyramid today for the first time in decades. Rautu was very pleased to see that chocolate was placed at the top.

The Food Pyramid

                The time had come when every restaurant, bakery and general eatery in Frewyn was required to clean house and prepare for the coming of the Frewyn Food Association, an assembly of provision inspectors who sagaciously came uninvited to every enterprise whether tavern or grocer and made certain the standard for cleanliness in the workplace were being kept. The members of the association thought it advisable to visit near midsummer, as the weather was warm enough for them to make an excuse to venture out and there were festivals enough to tempt them into the shoppes. There was always very little to disapprove: Diras Delights was ever spotless thanks to the Den Asaan’s overtaking of its management, both the Wayward Traveler and Wayfarer’s Rest passed inspection for the price of a good meal, and though all the grocers and tradesmen at the port were willing to tell a few apples that had fallen to the ground they were unwilling to give any of them away to appease the wishes of heady inspectors who had little to do but quarrel over crumbs and taste a sample of every food on sale.
                Their annual visit to Frewyn was not all misfortune and unpleasantness. They thought it desirable as well to educate the young of the kingdom in the ways of eating with prudence to ensure a healthy body and apt mind. The extent of their lectures was the doling of pamphlets on food safety and the hanging of posters upon which was something they called the Food Pyramid. The pyramid was divided into six sections, placing that which was to be consumed less at the top and more at the bottom. The pyramid though well explicated was generally ignored, for how anyone could be expected to eat so many servings of grains and so little of meat in such a kingdom as Frewyn was unfathomable. The poster decorated many of the stalls in the marketplace and shoppe windows until the space was needed to advertise for coming holidays, but it was during its time of exhibition that Obhantaa Leraa chanced to see the pyramid on the door of the Triumvirate Chocolate Factory during the Den Asaan’s weekly visit. He regarded the object with some suspicion and canted his head as he attempted to decipher its significance.          
                “What is this, Gondhaahi?” Obhantaa said to the commander, pointing to the poster.
                “This is a diagram made by Frewyn’s provisions officials,” the commander explained, indicating the seal of the Frewyn Food Association on the bottom of the page. “They regulate all the produce and goods of the establishments and markets in the capital to make certain all the quality standards are met. This scandalous article is supposed to make Frewyns believe that meat and chocolate should be eaten less than fruits and vegetables. What a horror. I’m certain your brother would agree.”
                “I would,” the Den Asaan grunted as he began to inspect the pyramid. He marked the manner in which the types of food were divided and where they were placed and since there was little reason for the serving information supplied, he believed that naturally whatever was situated at the top was the most important item to be eaten. At the pinnacle of the pyramid was a chocolate cupcake and a handsome looking ice cream concoction. He could forgive the cherry garnishing on the top and declared that even Frewyn’s officials deemed sweets the most important food for consumption.   
                “I daresay Unghaahi would disagree,” the commander said, laughing at her mate’s misconstruction of the pyramid. “Fruits and vegetables, contrary to what you might believe, Iimon Ghaala, are essential.”
                “They are avoidable,” Rautu corrected her. “The body is able to function and grow without them. Grains are necessary for vitality and meat is important for sustaining muscle.”
                “And chocolate is required for your intellectual wellbeing, and is therefore compulsory to be eaten at least four times a day.”
                The giant harrumphed at his mate’s bold assertion and he claimed that even the mighty pyramid agreed with him.
                “If we were to revise this to your delectation, Iimon Ghaala, chocolate would be at the bottom, meat and grains would share the column above and the remainder of the shape would be filled with the words ‘not important’,” the commander snickered. “Shall we take this to Unghaahi and see what his assessment will be?”
                Before Rautu could make any protestation, Obhantaa plucked the poster from the door and carried it back to the keep where he was eager to hear his brother’s opinion. Unghaahi, being the champion of wholesomeness and proper eating, agreed that the shape was a poor one for the message it was trying to convey. Upon regarding it, he claimed that even the food was divided incorrectly, as the image had not displayed herbs or seafood and had placed nuts and grains within the same category. As well, he believed the worst of all was the omission of exercise and indispensable daily nutrients, two things that the body could not do without for long.
                Defender of health that he was, Unghaahi was moved to speak with the members of the Frewyn Food Association in hopes of having them create a new and more conclusive pyramid. There were many polite suggestions made on the part of the grey colossus and he was pleased to find every one of them was accepted without opposition. The association even accorded him the first edition of the amended pyramid and asked for his good opinion on all the changes made. He deliberated over it and concluded that every alteration made was one in Frewyn’s favor.        


  1. HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAH oh I'm so sorry Mr.M LOL! and for a moment it almost seemed like even terrible Frewynwas right for once AHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
    AWWWWWWW Unghaahi - ambasador of healthy food and excersizes *LOOVVVEEEEE* isn't he wonderful? ^________________________________^


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