Story for the day: Sheamas and Margilesse

Sheamas and Margilesse are two characters from books 6, 7 and 9. This moment is not in the books but since I won't be posting anything about them until the first book is republished, here is something to tide you over. 

Sheamas and Margilesse 

                On the first night Margilesse cooked for Sheamas and displayed her prowess in the kitchen, she learned a defining truth of Tyferrim men. She learned their appreciation for such a service and she was privy to how a man of quality from Frewyn's countryside enjoyed displaying their thankfulness to their significant benefactors.  She had been uncertain if her Galleisian fare would delight someone who had come from a family so well-versed in the culinary arts, but his reaction to her cooking when it was given him was all the assurance she required to sate her qualms.
                With every bite, Sheamas’ affectionate heart was roused and he scarcely finished his meal before standing and requesting to thank her properly for the exertion she expended on his behalf. He pulled her from her chair, lifted her from her arms and held her chin to press his mouth against hers. Though he had never been moved to such open tenderness with any other woman before, he was sensible of performing the correct and necessary motions while trapping her in his crushing embrace. His tongue hungered for hers and her soft lips begged to be consumed by his. His large hand gripped her hair by the root and he eagerly grazed her neck as his other hand slinked down her back. She made a few moans and no objections to his actions. Her small and lithe body was beguiling and he gained an ambitious look in his astonishing eyes. He released her from his hold only to place her face down on the table. His hand roamed her round backside as he bent her over and gripped her flesh, enjoying its firmness. "This is how we Tyferrim men thank our women, mho cri," he purred keenly.
                She had a suspicion of what to expect and was interested in the venture as much as he was. She heard the telling sounds of his work apron ties being undone and the din of his britches being pulled open. She shuddered to feel his dimensions against the backs of her legs and she turned to gaze at him with some alarm. She saw him smiling down at her and she felt his hands prod between her thighs.
                "I'm a big man, mho cri," he said, winking at her.
                Margilesse could not deny his claim. She felt the full extent of his size being positions between her thighs and she had little idea if her small frame could support so large a mass. Her thoughts were interrupted by his fingers grazing her and she bit her lip in preparation for what was to come. She made a few restrained sounds when he forced his length into her but she was compelled to cry aloud as he began thrusting. His size was excruciating, his eagerness delightful, and the melding of the two would be an acceptable trial for her body. The more of himself he introduced within her, the more she was induced to cry out. She was moved to tears for feeling herself be rived open to receive his means of thanks. She wondered if the rumors of Frewyn men being gifted were true or if this were merely a trick of the kingdom's countryside. She looked back to see him regarding himself as he drove into her, hissing and wincing in senseless joy. Her flesh was clutched to keep her in place and the more she widened to accommodate him, the more of him she was entreated to receive. She felt her limit being breached and her mouth opened in unabated screams.
                Sheamas leaned over her, pressing his large belly down upon her, and covered her mouth with his immense hand. "I am a big man, mho gra mho cri," he intimated, murmuring fondly in her ear. "I would love to please you if you'll allow me, but it won’t be easy. I grew up in a house with six brothers. I know how I lucked out."
                She managed to laugh behind his hand and he watched her pained reaction closely as he forced more and more of his massive size into her.
                "Bite my finger of you need to," he whispered
                Her teeth clamped around his thick forefinger and she flinched with every slow thrust. Tears began to stream down her face as she exercised her forbearance.
                "Mho cri," Sheamas awed, pressing his nose against her cheek. He kissed her tears as they fell and he bore the pain of her biting him as he continued. He began speaking praises to her in Old Frewyn, words of encouragement for bearing his perverse endowments. He felt her back arch, her legs widen their stance and her words of acceptance to goad him further still. He stood when she was grew comfortable and he gripped her slender hips. He felt himself distend and he ached to gratify her. He penetrated her at a rapid rate and breathed hard as he felt her tighten around him. Her cries of pain became ejaculations of pleasance and the ripple of her completion compelled him to give her his fullest extent. He held her down upon him, feeling her sinuous backside press against him, and he arrived in the most blissful state. He felt his sense of wanting to please her soothed and his need to satisfy fulfilled. He turned her over, both of them breathless, and he kissed her before she could speak. "Thank you, mho cri," he whispered to her.
                "Do all Frewyn men do this?" she simpered, wiping the remainder of her tears from her eyes.
                "I'd like to think we do. And if not, I wouldn’t mind starting the tradition.” Sheamas succumbed to wide smiles, watching the woman beneath him glow with the blush of happy humiliation for enjoying him. “Everyone knows there is little to do in Tyferrim other than farm, eat and be thankful."  Sheamas winked at her and wondered if indeed other consequential men from the kingdom's countryside were as willing to be grateful as he was.


    WBHAHAHAHAHA ekhm...I admit I read it already few times...don't ask me why ^^^^^^
    For a human (ekhm) he knows how to make a woman happy, I give him that :D:D:D


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