Story for the Day: The Pond

Here is a tiny excerpt from book 12:

The Pond

Sheamas was overjoyed to have his nephew left to him. He asked the little fur-clad creature if he enjoyed his time on the farm and though the answer he was given was a mere and decided yes, the lack of shoes and absconded shirt expressed the extent of the child’s enjoyment and ease. They watched Hathanta and Rautu perform the Amghari movement meditations for some time until Soledhan broached his desire of seeing the pond. Sheamas placed Soledhan onto his broad shoulders and they walked together to the easternmost part of the farmstead to see the small fishpond. It was formed by rainwater collecting in a ditch along the road and over time, some of the field frogs had laid their eggs along the water’s surface, giving life to the small pool. A few fish were added to it and it had bloomed into a haven for aquatic and amphibious beings alike. When they came to the edge of the pond, Sheamas took Soledhan from his shoulders and sat with him to tell him of the many cycles of Frewyn frogs. He introduced him to the tadpoles flitting awkwardly about in the waters and he explained the coexistent relationship they held with the small fish enjoying the pond with them.
                Soledhan lay prone, wishing to observe the tiny life forms as close as possible. He cooed in awe, watching the tadpoles glide beneath the surface of the water. He introduced his finger into the pond to see the effect it would have on the life within it. The shock wave of motion the ripples caused made the fish and tadpoles scatter away from his finger but soon when the water calmed, they congregated around the new object in their home, placing their respective sensors to it, and Soledhan giggled at being welcomed into their aquatic society.