Story for the Day: Pleasure in Growling

To honour Twisk's new site: a portion of Pleasure in Growling

One evening, when Kai Linaa was feeling disconsolate and unworthy while sitting at her drawing table and looking at a piece she deemed to be despicable, Unghaahi sought to appease her sorrowfulness with a small display of his adulation. He knew that an appraisal of her work would only lead to more conjectures of the opposing kind and instead thought to appeal to her worthiness as a whole. The Den Amhadhri approached Kai Linaa, kissing his mate on the head and rubbing her tensed shoulders to calm her.
       "Ghaala Anonnaa," Unghaahi purred in his mate's ear, "Whether you believe yourself to be of value or not, I have promised to be your Ataas Traala and a Haanta promise is always kept."
       His mate looked up at him with glowing eyes. He saw in them all the felicity of life she wished to convey unto him and he was immensely pleased and warmed by her reaction. He was moved to lean and gather his mate into his arms. He held her against him, tickling her with a playful prodding of his proud nose. She giggled at his teasing nature and when she laughed, he was only enticed to pester her more in further increase her contentment. He knew how much she enjoyed his low growls and hangaara imitations. He pulled back her hair and nestled his mouth into the nape of her neck. He bellowed a deep, prolonged growl and felt the s his mate grow tremulous in his arms. She cooed in delight and begged him to repeat his performance. He willingly obliged her. He pressed his chest to her back and his mouth to her ear, and he hummed his profound growl. He continued his bestial sounds while taking her into the bedchamber, its entrance situated beside Kai Linaa's drawing desk. His hand slipped between her thighs as she was conveyed and he felt her grow warm with each growl he gave. He proceeded by nibbling along the length of her neck and breathing his temperate exhalations upon her.


    I LOVE THIS STORY ^______________^


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