A Haanta Cake for a Haanta Anniversary

Monday, May 23rd, marks a special day in Haanta history. It's the day that Kai Linaa first stepped off the boat to islands and met Unghaahi. This day really marks the day that the Haanta series began and therefore there must be cake.

To the right is Twisk, who was here in spirit, holding her hangaara blanket sitting with a cake marking the very first picture she ever made of Unghaahi and Kai Linaa. Before this time, she hadn't drawn in years. She professes that this drawing is terrible but we know better than to listen to her.

People were allowed to share the cake, much to a certain giant's chagrin, but the chief of it was taken home and placed in the larder. Since it is a special occasion, Unghaahi allowed me to have a sliver.

Here is Twisk's rendition of the event:

Happy Anniversary and thank you for reading.


  1. That's THE BEST ANNIVERSARY EVER !!!!!!!!!!!!!
    AND THE BEST CAKE EVER !!!!!!!!!!!


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