A Mother's Day Letter

 A Letter to a Mother

One of mine

From C.B. MacDaede
To Mrs Cuineill and Mrs Donnegal

Although this day is indeed a contrived holiday, as many holidays are, the day that honours mothers can never be considered a mere contrivance, for though some may not have had such exquisite mothers as yourself, we as children were born through those of your persuasion as you were born from the same.

As a far superior woman of the world, you have done your utmost to raise and cherish those in your flock as well as your situation would allow. You have succeeded in numerous points in the rearing of your children and the tending to your home, but by glorying in your triumph as a mother, you have done well to secure your excellence as a woman. Fatherhood has its trials, but there is no attachment so endearing or pain so profound than that of what a mother can feel for her child, like discovering that no matter how much we love our friends or our husbands we love our children more. My own children are more ethereal, but they are no less present, and so to you, I give the salutations of a fellow mother: one who knows what it is to see heartbreak on a child's face and wish to smooth it away with more cake than is good for him, for a mother feels all the agony her child suffers while reaping all the felicity she sows by improving his spirits.

From one woman of consequence to another, 

Happy Mother's Day