A very special present: The Troll

Today, I received a very special gift for Soledhan.
Some of you know the Frewyn story of Teacup the Troll. When Twisk saw this book in the shoppe, she had to buy it. In fact, she bought two and sent one down here.
Upon opening the book, I saw this:

If Teacup, the Frewyn legend himself, approves then this book must be astounding. I soon discovered, however, that there were other friends to be found within.

There is Crab Asaan hiding in a bucket.

 There is Mr Craw beneath the plank. And there are other familiar faces to be found as well.

Rautu's nemesis: the spider. There actually was a spider on the package when I received it. I shook it off and left it outside only to find it had crawled in the book. There was another friend to be found as well:

Khaasta wasn't in the book, but she perched at the window while it was read.

Soledhan enjoyed the book immensely. And made me read it three times. He says, "Thank you, Linaa."


  1. This book is SO cute and the illustrations are adorable !!! Me loves :D A must have!!!!

    Ahhahahahaha crab Asaan hiding in the bucket, indeed!!! now I know why he couldn't wait for this book to be delivered :D

    DAWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW Khaasta - killing me with her round big mega cute eyes, as always ^^^^^

    "You're welcome, my dear Soledhan." ^__________^


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