Lamir and Hinnia

Prince Lamir Elladrin has an attendant he very much adores. Here is a small piece from book 11 to tide you over until the story of the day is posted:

He could bear the separation no longer. Soon he would be forced to be parted from her while attending the garrison for a ceremony which required his attention at noon and here he had spent the chief of the morning without her when he had been used to pass the morning hours performing simple administrative duties in the quietness of his room with her sitting at his feet, pouring his tea, massaging his hands when they tired of writing, replacing his sandals, bringing him his inks and quills, tying back the hanging silks when there was a cool breeze for them to share. He had passed an excellent morning in acquainting himself with one whom he hoped in time would be as intimate with him as Ladrei had been, but in so doing had missed his favourite part of the day. “Hinnia,” Lamir called to her. She turned toward him and waited expectantly for a command. “Come.”
                She floated to his side, bringing Kai Linaa with her to reclaim her place on her brother’s arm. Her master’s light blue eyes flickered across her features, conveying the thousands of thoughts and feelings that his perfect and unmoving lips would not express. She knew; he did not need to say as much for her to comprehend the affection he harboured for her: gifts made with little provocation, orders that would have been a trifle for him to fulfill, the ecstasies of their evenings, the manner in which he held and touched and kissed her within the privacy of their now shared quarters were all more an attestation than any words could demonstrate. She was bid to return to the palace with the rest of the party so that they may say their parting farewell. She sidled him, watching him take his signature walk, but when she observed his hands at his back and his high chest, she felt his eyes ever upon her, and when she looked up to receive her evidence, it was granted her in an invariable gaze. A faint blush crept from her cheek to her ears and she remarked her master with a similar glance, feeling all the compassion he exuded without betraying her desire endow him with more than looks.   


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