Story of the Day: An Evening’s Entertainment

Here is a little from book 8. Enjoy.

 An Evening’s Entertainment
                Ladrei and Iraiya walked across the courtyard to the marble staircase and followed the prince and his attendant into the royal chambers. Tea was directly gotten and as the men sat at the table, the two women fluttered about in silent duty as they prepared a small meal for their masters. The prince and the guildlord were soon discussing matters of business, and the women took more pleasure in speaking low to one another than to hearing their lords restate their affairs. Lamir spoke of his recent request to the Haanta to negotiate and reinstate the borders of Old Lucentia and Ladrei explained away his new ownership of the largest cafe in the district. Their conversation was attended to by the two women while they poured fresh tea and placed their meal of grapeseed oil and fig leaves before their masters, but more heartwarming than the gentle touches and pleased looks they received from their respective men was the friendliness with which they treated one another. Hinnia had already seen the proof of their ancient attachment but this was all new for Iraiya; her expectations were constantly being overrun by Lamir’s subdued conduct: he did not smile but he spoke openly and warmly on many things that she should have thought would be confidential for a ruler of Lucentia to relate. She saw now that he regarded Ladrei’s opinion highly and would have his word on every matter broached. Iraiya delighted to see her lord laughing and smiling and being himself without any fear of reproach, and she was inclined to believe that all the peril she may have been under was now dissolved. She was moved to enjoy her time in the palace, reveling in the tastefulness and moderacy of the fittings and items in the main room and taking pleasure in Hinnia’s quiet company.
                Every implement on the table was in its rightful place and now the woman must take their due place to complete the picture. They sat at the heels of their men, sharing in the tea and honey on the table and opening their mouths when their masters wished to feed them. The men enjoyed caressing their attendants just as much as the attendants relished serving them, and the four sat in impenetrable tranquility for the remainder of the evening, sipping their tea, nestling against one another, while reveling in the coming coolness of night. At the end of their exchange, Ladrei was encouraged to buy a few more of the high-end establishments in the cafe district, one that specifically were attended by those of royal heritage.
                “Your ownership of these businesses need not be public,” Lamir said. “I want you to watch the transactions of your patrons.”
                Lamir placed his teacup onto the table and eyed Lamir with a guarded look. “Do you have reason to believe that your cousins are conspiring against you?” he said with mild playfulness.
                “No, but with Thellis finally defeated and fully occupied, those loyal to the empire might begin to breach our borders. If those who would rebel have a few contacts in my house, it may make their rebellion easier.”
                “And you think your family would betray you?”
                “For a price and some influence, some of those wanting to raise their position in Lucentia might. It is not beneath them to conspire within my house, but it is foolish. They might gather for business in a less conspicuous place.” Lamir sipped the last of his tea and gave his cup to be refilled. “I will be watching them,” he said gravely.
                “As will I.”
                Ladrei’s expression grew severe, and the two elves shared a pause of conformity to their clandestine venture.  
                Although he was being more cautious than usual, Lamir could not help but feel Thellis’ recent collapse not as fortuitous as he should have wished. Everyone in Lucentia could benefit from the empire’s demise if some would be discrete and savvy enough to design advancement. Trades would need to be reformed, establishments would need to be set up, and there to regulate or disperse them would be Ladrei. It was a consideration he did not enjoy, but it was one that must be made given the situation. Lucentia was about to grow as a nation and with every thriving capital must come its opposing force.
                “Sing for us, Inpala,” Lamir beseeched his attendant, wanting to turn his focus towards something much more pleasurable than possible scheming.  
                She hesitated but a tender look from her lord persuaded her that there was little to fear. She stood at the end of the table and unfastened the translucent veil from around her hair. She began to sway and then to dance, producing two bells from a concealed pocket in her woven garments and adorning her fingers with them as she took her dainty and slow steps.
                The song she sang was from western Thellis and hold the story of a woman who was wooed by a poor  apple vendor; she homeless and impoverished was shown kindness and was given something to eat, and in return the vendor had gained all of her affections. The woman followed him as he made his rounds, and when he had done for the day with only a few coins for his exertion, she offered to work for him with the promise of doubling his business. All she asked was for three apples a day to sustain herself. The vendor complied, and together, the two built their capital together with only love and apples to furnish them.
                The bells shook to signify the end of the song and Hinnia took her bow. Ladrei and Iraiya were immensely obliged for such a performance, and though Lamir did not applaud as his guests did, he was all pride for the woman smiling in his direction.    
                “Iraiya,” said Lamir presently.
                Iraiya felt her throat tighten. “Yes, Your Highness?”
                “Do you sing?”
                “No, Your Highness.”
                Lamir motioned for Hinnia to rejoin him. She flittered to his side and began refilling his cup. “How to you entertain your master?” he asked her with tolerable calmness.
                Iraiya gave a start and gaped at Ladrei. She supposed that all women willing to enter into servitude must have some talent to provide, but hers were in the way of more dangerous pursuits, not those of general amusement.  
                “Show the prince how you please me,” Ladrei purred, stroking her cheek with the back of his hand.
                She seemed bemused and wonder at his asking her to betray him with the prince. This could not be common practice for one who appeared to be so strict and noble; a guildlord’s servant could not please a prince. “Inpalo . . . ?” she murmured in fear.
                He perceived the misunderstanding in her wide eyes and laughed, “No, not that way.” He canted his head toward Hinnia and half-grinned. “Show him with her.”
                The notion was not unpleasant to Iraiya: she had never ventured to touch another woman before, but here before two men whom she admired there could be no harm partaking in blameless enjoyment. She went to Hinnia, eager to touch the perfect complexion and curved shape lying down before her, and crawled over her supine form. Looking down at Hinnia’s flushed features, she felt ease in knowing that Lamir’s attendant was just as keen and timid as herself. Moving aside the grey silks holding Hinnia’s ripe breasts forced her to suppress a giggle of abashedness but once her mouth was employed, tasting the flesh of so sumptuous a woman, all her apprehensions fell away. She kissed and sucked, imbibing every inch of her breasts and giving undivided attention to the valley between. Her tongue was occupied with her nipples while her hands were gliding into her gathered pants. Her object writhed and moaned, encouraging her to journey wherever her mouth was desirous of going.
                Lamir sat with intent stares, his legs apart and his hands resting on the arms of his chair. He studied how well the women moved together, responding to one another’s movements and growing more ambitious with each culminating touch. He hummed and his eyes tapered, expressing his immense enjoyment of the display.
                Ladrei was equally indulged, but his looks were amorous as he considered how lovely his new mate was. How wondrous a woman he had found who was so willing to touch another when asked. How glorious to see her sleek form grind against the mound of another. He wished he were the one beneath her, and just as his silent wish was made, Lamir stood from his place to express the very same desire.  
                “You have entertained me well,” he said to Iraiya, lifting both of the women from the ground by the hand. “Come, inpala. Attend me. You will finish what you began here in the bedchamber.” He gave Hinnia a hungry look. “Use the guest house if you like,” he said to Ladrei without turning away from his attendant. “We will continue our discussion in the morning.”
                Ladrei bowed and  escorted Iraiya out of the royal chamber, beaming with pride to see all his expectations exceeded and all of Lamir’s qualms with regard to his mate completely depart.