A Piece of Lucentia

Ladrei, Arkastino and Nidello Maccadrin are Lucentia's mafia heads. Here is a little bit from one of their episodes:

They hurried through the quieted marketplace toward the evening bustle of the café district. The clinking of teacups, the buzz of café raillery, and the civil thanks of proprietors furnished their search for the correct address. Janir’s home was in a part of the lively district that Ladrei had not visited in some time; it was rather far from his father’s establishment: a quiet set of thin lanes screened by the shadows of the adjacent prepossessing buildings, and in one of the alleyways, tucked away in a darkened corner, was a small door to a one-room apartment, quite out of the way and undecorated for the front of a residence. For a trader and conveyer such as Janir, he could not be said to be living beyond his income; for a man supposedly living alone, however, such a home in such a veiled place seemed strange to Ladrei. The door, grey and unnoticeable, did not even have the address marked along the post; it had only been discovered it due to the surrounding homes offering their addresses as an indication of the one missing.
                The three stood before the door, adjusting themselves and preparing to play their roles, and once they all declared themselves ready, Ladrei knocked and they waited for a response. The door did not open, but there was a slight flicker in the dim light radiating from within and seeping through the crack at the bottom of the threshold to suggest that someone was inside. They heard no sound and saw no movement behind the curtained window, but another flicker of the light in the shaft at the bottom of the door convinced them that someone was moving back into the house. Ladrei knocked again and waited a moment but there was no answer. He nodded to Arkastino, and he and Nidello stood aside, allowing the giant elf to exercise his prowess and kick the bolted door down.
                The hinges were undone with one strike, but with a second, the bolts holding the door in place were undone and the door felt to the ground of the one-room apartment. A few plumes of dust rose from the floor, but when the commotion cleared, the three were treated with a most interesting prospect: there, in the center of the combined kitchen and main room, stood a startled woman. She seemed more frightened by her visitors themselves than by watching her home being demolished, for she made no attempt to escape and seemed struck with fear at the sight of the ring over Ladrei’s glove. She stared at Ladrei and his two guardsmen as they slowly entered the room, but her gapes continually fell to the Elladrin family crest adorning Ladrei’s hand.


  1. Ooh a mystery! Who is the woman and why does she stare at the ring? Stay tuned!


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