Khantara: Cover Reveal!

Next month, Khantara will be published! Twisk's lineart has been finished for some time, but just last week artist Gaspare offered to do a test colouring of the cover. One week later and voila! Done! What do you think?

Please enjoy the full version of the cover on the Art of Twisk site.

Here is the description of the book from Goodreads:

Khantara tells the story of the Den Asaan Rautu's mother and father. Khantara is a Haanta conquerer, meant to wage war and rule over the enemy nation of Thellis, but after vanquishing Thellis and occupying a construction of a Haanta outpost, he meets Anelta, a woman enslaved by her own people bearing a brand of servitude on her neck. Khantara saves her, falls in love with her, and contrives to make her his mate against the rules of his people, but when Thellis plans another uprising, he must choose between protecting the woman he has come to love and saving his people from extinction. 


  1. The color version of this cover is fantastic. I'm very excited to learn of Rautu's family.


  2. YAY! Learning! This is the story of his mother and father. He makes a little appearance as well :D but his story of growing up is told in the Honoured Brothers of Sanhedhran, the book about him and his brothers, which will be out at the end of the year.


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