Lego Diras

I had made a comment that the Medieval Market Village Lego set looked like Diras. A very generous reader sent me the entire set and we put it together over the weekend.  I thought it fitting to have Rautu perching on the tavern landing.

     Evening prevailed over the Frewyn capital, and with the imminence of dusk, Diras became animated with the last bustle before the closures of gloaming. Shoppes placed their last wares of the day at more attractive prices, traders bought and sold the last of their stock, children in the yard of the church were being gathered for their supper, the bells in the chapel rang through the square, the Diras regiment began its patrol of the capital walls, and the peace of the capital elevated to its last teeming hum. With the requisite last transitions of the day and the revived thrum of the marketplace came the new shipments of goods for the morrow. Various means of conveyance brought new stock to the city: carts with items from Farriage were driven through the west gate from the Northern Road, several consignments came through the ports of the bay from Lucentia and the Triumvirate, hay carts brimming with produce from Tyferrim milled through the main gate, and upon one of these carts was a young woman.
                She had claimed a small seat on the back of the jaunty while walking from Barellynn eastward. She had hailed the cart, thinking that she would be made to walk the remainder of the one-day journey from the small lakeside village to the capital once the cart had stopped for its purveyance in Tyferrim, eh was surprised to discover that the driver allowed her to stay, claiming that she was good company and a good distraction for the field mice hidden in the hay bales. She was told she would be given a ride until their destination at the Diras stables and then she must go. She could not refute such kindness from one so humble as a hay cart driver, and when they reached the capital, she took one of the field mice she had befriended into her pocket to keep him away from the horses as a token of appreciation to the driver.


  1. Wow! Legos have really advanced over the years. That is the coolest!


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