Story for the Day: The Duchess of Marridon

The Dutchess of Marridon is a major character in the Haanta Series novels. She is mentioned in the novella "The Reporter from Marridon", but only enters the series in book 2. Here is Her Grace's entrance:

The Duchess of Marridon was a tall, thin and upright woman, made so by many years of stays and finery to decorate her person and of having to keep a certain countenance in front of so many spectators at the Chambers. She was a woman of unexceptionable breeding: she spoke well, walked with elegance, moved with exquisite grace, and officiated every order to her maids and footmen with a twirl of her wrist and a flick of her white lace fan. Her slender form was ornamented in tasteful yet outlandish attire: her dress was of plain white lace but her train was so long that it must be carried by an attendant and her brim of her hat so wide and top so tall that she was forced to adjust its position on her head when walking through the main entrance of the keep. Her character could not be immediately made out; she had an air of cleverness that might be mistaken for one of conceit, the air of someone who had been used to brush away ignorance with a whip of her fan and ignoring conjectures with the upturn of her nose. She was sagacious woman, one of high intelligence and national consequence, had a paramount understanding of business without sacrificing her feminine quality. And when she sauntered into the main hall with a grandiose maneuvering of her ornamental cane, a flutter of her fan and a brandishing of her wide-brimmed feathered hat, her pronouncement of, “ Majesty,” when addressing Alasdair seemed all the grander. 


  1. What a grand lady! I look forward to reading more about her.


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