Commander and Den Asaan Tour: EXTENDED!

Due to many readers and blogs wishing to jump on the tour train, the Commander and Den Asaan Tour is extended until the book signing! Here is what we have going on today:

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Guest Posts!
Turner's Antics and Jane Austen Wannabe have special stories on their sites from the Haanta Series.

True Book Addict, Sizzling Reads, Turner's Antics, and Jane Austen Wannabe all have excellent reviews of Commander and Den Asaan you can check out if you like. Here is the one from Turner's Antics:

Wow - that is all I can say, end of story!

Loved this book, it was addictive, endearing and just awesome.  It would be great made into a movie.

It follows the Commander, an orphaned woman who joins the military to take revenge on those who killed her Father.  While she is defending her country, the Commander goes for more weapons and finds a Giant Haanta in the holding cells.  She offers him a deal, if he helps her win the battle, she will allow him to be freed.  The Den Asaan Rautu accepts her offer and helps her defend and win the battle.  He then accepts her offer to stay and defend the country from war.

When the war seems over, Rautu wanted to return home to his people.  He offered an invitation to the Commander to accompany him.  On the journey, they become engrossed in each other and not wanting to be apart.  The Den Asaan Rautu is an aggressive and stubborn beast, but on the inside is truly capable of love.

Follow their journey and what becomes of them when they return to his Island.  The characters and world that is created is amazing to say the least.  Fantasy seems to be a small word for what this book offers.  The book does offer non stop action, sexual tension that will make the hairs stand up on your neck in anticipation and the whole atmosphere was so crystal clear, you can absolutely picture the scenes in your mind

Thanks to everyone for participating in the tour! Commander and Den Asaan is also now features on The Romance Reviews!

Remember: Haanta Series book signing on October 6th at Babar en Ville! Here is the official announcement from Red Willow. Here is the event on Facebook! Hope to see you there!