Post-Signing News!

With the book signing over, it's back to work on the final edits for Khantara and Vol 2 of Commander and Den Asaan. Both of them are very large books, but I'm hoping to have the edits done by the end of the month.

For those who missed the signing, Lucy at Moonlight Gleam covered the entire event, cake and all! Check out her website to see what you missed!

For those of you who don't know The Romance Reviews, they are the largest collection of romance reviews worldwide and they will be holding a year end event in which I'll be participating. The event is, I believe, free for everyone and gives readers the chance to win hundreds of free e-books. See the details here!

I recently did an article for Jeremy Rodden's Toonopolis blog on shows that I used to adore when I was younger. This specific article discusses my juvenile joys for Animaniacs. Visit Jeremy's website here to read the article.

There have been quite a few reviews for the series this week, all of them very favourable! If you would like to read them, here they are with links attached:

Commander and Den Asaan: LovLivLife Reviews, Books for Life
Tales from Frewyn: Workaday Reads, A Book Vacation  

Twisk just finished the chapter header for the paper publication of Khantara! There is Aiola, Khantara's companion, hiding in the flowers. Double click the image to see it in few view!


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