Story for the Day: A Legacy Left Pt.2

Presently, the ship left the Lucentia capital harbour, and as the winds were fair, the weather was kind and the seas were calm, the ship arrived at the trade port of Sanhedhran early the following morning. Janir gave his due documents to the Ghaandhari awaiting him at the docks to be assessed, ordered his crew to bring the consignment to the Haanta traders, said his hellos and gave his reports to Ghodhina, who was standing at the edge of the pier and preparing to make his requisite visit to Frewyn, and said his good mornings to Kai Linaa, who was walking with Khantara toward the shore for their daily lesson.
                "I have a letter from your brother," he said, handing a small envelope from his pocket to her. And then, taking a larger envelope from his outer hip pocket added smilingly, "And one from your father."
                Kai Linaa laughed and shook her head. "I only returned from Lucentia two days ago."
                "Ambesari who care for their Mivaari always have many things to say," said Khantara with quiet exultation.
                Kai Linaa smirked and giggled to think of the various letters she had seen Khantara reading on the shore written in Rautu's hand and she fancied that the pages were filled with little more than reports of what new chocolates he had tried that day and how many small children he had terrified during his visit to Diras Delights.
                "I also have something from Nidello and Arkastino," Janir continued, but when he raised his hand to his breast pocket to retrieve the small trinket, a small squeak emanating from within made him recall his chief conveyance.
                "What was that?" said Kai Linaa in a flutter of agitation.
                Janir smiled and opened his long coat. "Some friends who were desperate to come to the islands,” he said. He reached into his breast pocket and produced the four mice, all of them curled into themselves from having spent the evening in a most restful sleep under the auspices of so generous a benefactor.
                Upon seeing the mice slowly begin to rouse, Kai Linaa's eyes were aglow with love. She shrieked and squealed, demanding how adorable they were, begging Janir to allow her to hold them, asking every minutia of their journey hither.
                "They asked me to help them come here, I think," Janir said bemusedly.
                "Look at them!" Kai Linaa whined, patting their hides with her fingertips and hardly attending Janir’s explanation. "This one is so small- and this one is so cute- and look how this one moves his tail- and this one is wiggling his ears! And this one is-" was all that concerned Kai Linaa as she scooped them from the trader’s hand.
                Khantara watched Kai Linaa’s interposing musings with true paternal pride. To see her in an ecstasy over such diminutive creatures gave such hearty delectation as the situation could warrant. He knew why they had come; he had heard them speaking with one another, conversing with nervous squeaks, wondering if they were ever going to be allowed out of the pocket. The accommodation had been comfortable, to be sure, but they had done so well in commanding their faculties, that they could not wait to be free of their room and see the Haanta leader.
                "Remain here," said Khantara with a smile, turning toward the temple, "I will ask our Hassan Omaa if he would speak with them."
                He made his slow crawl to the temple where Leraa was taking his usual morning visit. He saw Leraa in the garden, being attacked with embraces by his uncountable children, and they were just about to begin their lesson for the day when the children were suddenly all aflutter to see Khantara arrive. They shouted and leapt up, trading one giant for another, attaching themselves to Khantara's immense legs and begging him to join their lesson.
                "Haa, Mivaari Leraa," the giant purred, making no effort to pry the children from him.
                "Abheraa!" shouted Leraa, coming to Khantara with open arms and crushing him with an eager embrace.
                Khantara bowed his head. "Khodhaanas, Hassan Omaa. I am pleased to see you well.”
                “Are you here to teach the Mivaari today?”
                “I am here to see you, Hassan Omaa. There is a matter that requires your attention."
                Leraa instantly looked concerned. "What is it, Abheraa?"
                "There are four who have come to be Ghiosa among us."
                This news would not have made Leraa stir, but the look in Khantara's golden eyes conveyed that these were not the usual stamp of slaves from Thellis or those less fortunate from the mainland who came to enjoy the peaceful life the islands could grant. "Haa, Abheraa," said Leraa with stout conviction. "I will see them."
                Leraa made his apologies to the children, said he would return soon, and bade them to attend their Themari until he could join them. The children obeyed with some reluctance, as the Themari came to exercise his powers of peeling them from Khantara's shins, but they must concede if Leraa was to go with hopes of return, and therefore obey his word they did.


  1. Kai Linaa is so sweet with those mice. And they have come to be a part of the group. Ah!


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