#NaNoWriMo : Connors

Connors is the model of Frewyn loyalty. Here is a little of him from book 4.

Once while she was bounding up the winding stone steps was the commander forced to stop and regain her composure. She had walked past the small feast in the Great Hall and had arrived at the entrance in time to hear the toast being given by Captain Connors. She stopped just beside the door and listened long enough to hear her captain proclaim the feast in honour of those lost in the war. Connors, she knew, had a multitude of cousins still in Westren, and though he had not lost any family during the invasion had lost a father and two uncles to illness and misfortune. He spoke well for one whose sufferings had begun early in life. He raised his glass high, entreating everyone to do the same, said the benediction in Old Frewyn:  Oun syeil seo godeith oun syeil eoile, and made his short speech. He was stout throughout the whole, but the slight and nigh imperceptible break in his voice in the last word of his blessing recommended Connors’ repressed dejection. He must be feeling everything that she had felt, and she was about to turn into the celebration to support him through his momentary wretchedness when calls for another drink rang out, the flues and mandolins recommenced, the din of indistinguishable banter hummed under the clatter of glasses and plates, the celebration was revived and any lasting sadness was smoothed away by the insuperable delectation of roasted boar and honey wine.  
                The wavering in Connors’ clear voice gave the commander disquieting notions. There was much that everyone in her conversancy had suffered during the war, much bereavement and fretfulness, but through it Connors had stood as a beacon of constancy. Lord Protector, captain, beloved son and oldest surviving male in his immediately family, there must be much anxiety on his side to set the example, but he would never admit it through his even temper and unshakable loyalty. Her tears as she bounded up the stairs were not a continuation of the one she had shed outside but a gratitude melded with lasting sensibility that she should have been so fortunate to merit so bold a captain. 

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  1. This should have been a Veteran's Day post. Does Frewyn have a similar holiday I wonder? Good Captain Connors.


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