#NaNoWriMo : The Guildlord of Lucentia

Ladrei is the richest and most dangerous man in Lucentia. He hangs around Frewyn for much of books 1-7. Here is how he is perceived in his homeland by one fortunate woman:

A few minutes were spent in silent indignation. What right had he, a slovenly and shapeless gambler, have to govern her sense of dignity and propriety? Had she been more imprudent elsewhere, she should have been scolded for dressing and acting akin to the women of the houses, and though he, a frequenter of such unwholesome establishments, would reproach them for such conduct, he would reward them with his attendance and his gold while she must show herself and be compensated with only the ill admonitions of a wanton parent. Would that her mother had heard such an argument- but it was nonsense to consider one whom he had so little regarded in life when she was now gone. She should be ashamed of him, horrified by his cruel suggestions and aggressive behavior. If he was so desirous of having his daughter sell herself, then he should recommend her as a lord’s attendant and be done with her. There was little difference to her whether she performed her duties as she was or dressed in fine silks and a sliver collar. There at least was compensation for a life of servitude to one she was forced to obey out of unrequited attachment, and here was nothing. A retrenchment from her home, a removal from her friends, a life squandered in the pursuit of what was certain to fail was her payment for following a thoughtless father. He had done this before, began his business and trifled away his earnings, and she was only too familiar with his example: already growing fat from lavish meals and nights of drunken indulgence, his constitution would soon fail him, his fortune would soon be spent, and they would be forced to find another haven away from the collectors and Royal Guard. She lay the knife in her hand aside and made a shuddering sigh. How much longer could this be borne was the question reiterating in her mind when she suddenly raised her eyes from her work to find someone standing before her.
                “Oh, excuse…” she began to say, but a pair of penetrating, light green eyes muted her speech.
                Her breathing ceased, her lips remained parted. She was forcibly struck by the sight of a well-dressed and handsome elf standing on the opposing side of the counter. He was smiling at her, inclining his head to her, and saying his hellos all without blinking an eye. His generous attributes, his light and faultless complexion, his high flaxen hair, and his sharp maw, and incisive gaze silenced and oppressed her. Would that he but look away for a moment she might be able to recollect herself, but he would not even permit her the reprieve of a moment’s nictation. Soon she had more terror to feel, for when she did not respond to his greetings, he fleered at her, raised his hand to comb his lithe fingers through his hair, and displayed the insignia of a certain guild. Ladrei was the name that echoed in her mind, one which exchanged all her feelings of astonishment for horror. She had been under a mistake to think her father had a few more months of his dissipation. She had only hitherto heard of the infamous Guildlord of Lucentia, and though she was sensible of her father’s expenses being excessive, she was not aware of their being so severe as to warrant a visit from the prince’s right hand. She swallowed and endeavored to think and respond, but under the fascination of his shrewd smile and pleasing face she could do nothing but stand and gape for the fright that struck her. She might have been spared any anguish or terror the guildlord could impart, but she had not bowed to him, she had not even addressed as My Lord as she ought to have done. So beleaguered was she under his unwavering attention that she did not perceive the small gesture made to the two guardsmen beside him. They passed the counter and entered the bakery while she was too besieged by the lord before her to cry out in warning. He was moving closer to the counter, he was inspecting her wares, he was passing his hand over the sliced samples. A graze of his fingertip against the back of her hand caused her breathing to quicken. His hand passed near the knife. Here was her last chance for repentance before he should exact the crown’s revenge, and she almost cried out prepared to beg for her life, when the guildlord suddenly spoke.  

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