A Thanksgiving Message from His Royal Majesty King Alasdair Brennin of Frewyn

Someone recently asked Alasdair to be President. He usually responds by way of the herald, but today he felt a direct reply was requisite: 

Dearest Madam,

I have received your invitation to become President. I admit that I had little idea what the position entailed and had to ask Commander MacDaede what exactly was meant by the term, as on the Two Continents, most of our nations are monarchies, empires, or similar variants. 

I understand that your President is a representative of your people, but to be honest, in Frewyn, a President is a representative of a small club, as the true meaning of the word would imply. Perhaps when your nation was a young confederacy, this title was appropriate, but considering that the President makes all the choices for your people, he is more a monarch than he would have you believe. Even a king, however, is only a representation of his people: I must do as my people would expect. If the people of a given nation are avaricious, then they will elect an avaricious leader; if the people are a nation are kindly and generous, then they will elect a leader of the same, and so forth. I would like to believe that Frewyn is naturally a generous nation, and therefore any decision I make must be a generous one, much to my happiness.    

I also understand that I must be born in your country to be your leader and be over the age of thirty-five. I couldn't even be considered for rulership on that account alone. I should never want to be a President: I am used to making direct legislation though the courts and could never bear to have so many checks and balances while someone sincerely in need of my help must wait for the rule of the senate to decide wither help should be given. Taxes and laws are necessary, as you well know; without them, I could not provide my people with the services they so very much rely on. Cities must be rebuilt, homeless must be sheltered, medical attention must be given, but most importantly, taxation must yield a direct return. If it doesn't, people will grow angry that their gold is filling the kingdom's treasury and not being given back as important services, as was in my brother's time. Even I as a landholder must pay taxes, more so than anyone, but if I lead by example, then my people will no doubt be eager to follow.

I am flattered that you would ask me to be leader of your people, Madam, but as regulations won't allow it, I can only extend my offer to you to visit Frewyn whenever your time allows. If you'd like to take advantage of the trade and commerce in the kingdom, I encourage you to do so. Your application for the needed documents can be found at many of the trade ports on the Two Continents.

I thank you again for your offer, Madam, and hope to see you in Frewyn soon. 

Yours ever,


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