#Nanowrimo round-up and Khantara winners!

So. With the coming of December yields the end of Nanowrimo. I participated in the Haanta Series mega challenge of writing 50,000 words per week. Here were my estimates for the month (rounded down):

Week one: 20,000 words
Week two: 50,000 words
Week three: 50,000 words
Week four: 35,000 words

I failed the first and last weeks due to setting up the Khantara tour and going edits for the next publication, but 155,000 words isn't too terrible.

How did everyone else do?

As for the Khantara tour, everything is ready to begin on December 11th! To the right is the fancy back cover of the paperback publication, complete with quotes from LovLivLife Reviews, Kindle Book Review, and author Rebecca Bloomer!