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Name: Boudicca MacDaede
Age as of book 25: 30
Occupation: farmer/ commander of the Diras regiment
Race: human
History: Boudicca grew up on a small farm in Tyfferim. From a young age, she followed in her father Jaicobh's footsteps and became a farmer on the MacDaede plots, much to her mother Maddie's dismay. She attended school at the Tyfferim Church. There she met Alasdair Draeden Brennin, whom she later befriended. When the Galleisian War came to Frewyn, her lands were destroyed and her father was murdered, forcing her to join the army and avenge her father's death. In training, she was reunited with Brennin. They shared a short-lived relationship, went through the war together, and have been friends ever since. During their time in Amene, she found Rautu skulking about the barracks in search of his effects. She requested his help, it was given her, and over the last eight months of the war, the two fell in love and vowed to remain at one another's side.

Name: Ra-utu
Age as of book 25: 52
Occupation: Den Asaan and Den Endaari, infiltrator and hunter
Race: giant
History: Rautu grew up between the three Haanta settlements with his three brothers: Unghaahi, Otenohi, and Leraa. They enjoyed a somewhat peaceful life until their settlements were attacked by the neighboring nation of Thellis. War separated him from his brothers, and when he returned to find Leraa missing, left his home in search of him, leaving Unghaahi and Otenohi behind. He had convinced his leader Tsinonaahi to send him to the Northern Continent under the guise of searching for a new route into Thellis capital, but during his hunt to uncover Leraa's whereabouts, he was captured. He was to be taken to Thellis capital as a prisoner of war when he escaped and ventured southward in search of his stolen articles. He found them in the Amene barracks where he met Boudicca and vowed to help her end the Galleisian War. Their efforts were successful, and after some trials on both sides, Rautu manages to ally their two nations and keep Boudicca as his mate.

Name: Alasdair Braeghan Brennin
Age: 28
Occupation: First Captain Tyfferim regiment / King
Race: human
History: Alasdair grew up in the Diras Castle keep with his brother Allande, his grandfather Dorrin, and his mentor Bryeison. His parents, Draeden and Brighel, died just after he was born, leaving him in his grandfather's care. He was first educated in the keep by Dorrin and Bryeison, and when he was old enough, Dorrin sent him to Tyfferim to attend school in the Church, to learn humility from the yeomanry and labourers of the kingdom. He learned music and is a proficient fiddler and composer. He played music with his grandfather every evening until King Dorrin grew ill and begged Alasdair to take his place on the throne. He said that he would, but his brother Allande used the advantages of age and education to take the kingship from him. Angry and distraught at his brother's tyranny against their people, Alasdair joined the armed forces, left his music and his mare Maeve, a gift from his grandfather, in hopes of finding a way to help his people without openly defying Allande. He spent a month at Karnwyl Prison as a guard, and was moved to the Tyfferim regiment where he was reunited with Boudicca. They trained together under Commanders Dobhin and Vyrdin  and were given their own regiments to command when they were made captains. After their victory over their adversaries and the death of Alasdair's brother, Alasdair took his rightful place as king and has ruled Frewyn ever since. 


  1. This is a great idea. I sometimes have to rack my memory when I'm reading one of the stories to remember a character's background and connections.

    These remind me of trading cards! (-;


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