Head Cleric Rithea: WIP

Head Cleric Rithea by Twisk (c) 2012
I know Twisk is going to kill me for showing it without it being absolutely finished, but I had to show it to you. Here is Head Cleric Rithea. I'm all astonishment and happy awe! And she made this after claiming she could not draw old people. Pff! When she's all done, I'll be adding her to the character page and place her bio. The finished version can be seen in a few days on Twisk's art blog.


  1. So wistful! She's caught in a memory of her past.

    I add my vote to yours. Twisk can draw older ladies. Maybe its the sweet fluffy haired ones she struggles with.

    Always wondered what Rithea looked like- this works for sure.


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