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Name: Obhantaa (He who is without a mind)
Nicknames: Leraa (He who is gentle)
Age (book 1): 40
Occupation: ?
Race: giant
Nationality: Sanhedhran
Parents: Tarhontaa and his first mate 
Likes: Animals, spending time with his brothers, beating Rautu at Mhanghaanas
Dislikes: Being parted from his Anonnaa, his Odaibha
Fears: Never being allowed to return home again
History: Obhantaa was born a little different from most in the Haanta settlements. The Themari who cared for him quickly saw that he was unable to learn with the rest of the Mivaari and tried having various teachers attempt to assist with his basic instruction. After many years of trying to discover his Mivaala, he was given the name Obhaanta, He Who is without a Mind, left to live in the temple and scramble into any education he could get. He earned the name Leraa, He Who is Gentle, by befriending the temple garden keeper Anjhali and caring for all the small creatures that lived in and around the temple grounds. After war broke out between the Haanta and Thellis, Leraa happened to meet Otenohi, who was unwell at the time and being made to live in the temple. Leraa and Otenohi quickly became friends, and through Otenohi's guidance and attention, Leraa finally began to develop his abilities. He soon discovered that he had the Endaari Sotaa, the Hunter's Gift, and learned how to speak to and understand animals. Through Otenohi, Leraa met Rautu and Unghaahi, and through Rautu, he met Khaasta, his pet hangaara. Rautu, Otenohi, and Unghaahi took care of Leraa, taught him the way of the Amghari, and were petitioning for his installation in Otenohi's regiment when a misfortune occurred and Leraa was exiled.His disappearance prompted Rautu to travel southward in quest of him.   

Name: Otenohi (He who is weak)
Birth name: Dhirghena (the tempest) 
Age (book 1): 51
Occupation: Amhadhri (commander), Herhukhsenri (inquisitor)
Race: giant
Nationality: Sanhedhran
Parents: Tesekha and his Traala
Likes: Teaching Leraa things he's not supposed to know, plaguing Rautu, Hophsaas with Unghaahi, defying the Hakriyaa, Khopra
Dislikes: Tsinonaahi, Gharmhona
Fears: Never finding Leraa or his Traala
History: Dhenidha was the first of the four brothers to be born just after the new Hakriyaa took command of the forces on Mhavaledhran, Ghaasta, and Sanhedhran. He was called the Tempest  due to his constant fussing and screaming while being nursed in the Ankhimarron. When his brother Dhenidha was born, however, he became quiet when holding him and marched about with his brother in his arms as often as the Ankhimari would allow. Dhirghena and Dhenidha did everything together: they went to the temple at the same time, shared the same room, learned the same subjects, and were nigh inseparable until the day that Dhenidha was named Den Amhadhri and was removed from the temple to learn his art in isolation. Inconsolable, Dhirghena turned to Rautu for comfort until they were both named as Amghari and granted their own Odaibha. He would escape from his lessons to search for his brother, and years later found him to be the supreme commander Unghaahi. They were reunited and placed in the same regiment where Dhirghena earned the name Otenohi, He Who is Weak, by challenging Unghaahi to Hophsaas and losing every time. He began his healthy rivalry with Rautu and earned himself the title of Khopra master due to his extreme luck in procuring women for the sacred Haanta ritual. After seeing Otenohi's brilliance with tactical machinations, Unghaahi petitioned for his Mivaala to be changed. He was given a second Mivaala of Herhukhsenri, the interrogator for the Haanta armed forces, and though the vicious side of his character did well for the position, Unghaahi felt that the title was still not right. When war again came to their settlements, Otenohi was placed in the temple where he met Leraa. After Leraa's disappearance, Otenohi was forbidden from searching for him and was forced to stay on Sanhedhran while Unghaahi and Rautu went searching for their brother. It was then that he met Ashta Hira, the woman whom he wanted to ask to be his Ataas Traala. They were discovered, Ashta Hira was exiled, and Otenohi was imprisoned on Mhavhaledhran where he waits for his brothers to return and appeal for his release.  

Name: Unghaahi (He who is feared)
Birth name: Dhenidha (the mountain) 
Age (book 1): 50
Occupation: Den Amhadhri (Supereme commander)
Race: giant
Nationality: Sanhedhran
Parents: Tesekha and his Traala
Likes: Teaching Hophsaas, Phoraas, being with his brothers, being alone with Kai Linaa
Dislikes: Seeing others being harmed or treated with unkindness
Fears: Being inadequate in the eyes of his superiors
History: Dhenidha was named for his immense size and strength. After having grown up in the temple beside Rautu and Otenohi, he was granted the Mivaala of Den Amhadhri and taken to be trained in isolation by an Odaibha. He learned Hophsaas through matches with Bhaaldhena, learned kaatas, was given his Hophsaastas to fight with, and was eventually made a Hophsaas teacher and master. When he was reunited with his brother, he saw how poorly Otenohi had been treated during their separation. Though Otenohi was mischievous, Unghaahi felt that he did not warrant half the punishments he had received. He felt that a more attentive approach would have helped Otenohi correct his conduct instead of excluding him and promoting others who were less gifted. After Otenohi was disallowed from attending his own Amghari ceremony, Unghaahi vowed to be his teacher in private and made a weapon for him from a khapaalibhaati reed. Together they trained, Otenohi constantly larking his brother, and Unghaahi constantly thwarting his attempts. After seeing his brother's incomparable genius on the field, Unghaahi felt that Otenohi was named incorrectly. He then petitioned the Den Themari for a second assessment. Otenohi was granted another Mivaala, but Unghaahi felt that it was chosen in haste. When he suggested that the position was wrong, he was forbidden from petitioning again by the Hakiryaa Tsinonaahi, Unghaahi's immediate superior. The Unghaahi did to further the interests and talents of his brothers, the more Tsinohaahi disliked and distrusted him, and when the appeal to have Leraa made Amghari came, Tsinonaahi dismissed it and called for Leraa's exile. His distress at losing his brother, of keeping them all together, and of being made to command his army away from the settlements only added to Unghaahi's true fear: never finding a Traala. Both Tsinonaahi and Unghaahi's Odaibha had connived to make Unghaahi the most feared creature of the settlements. He was bred for war, and though they could not break his gentle and benevolent spirit, they could ruin his reputation. After his ethnaa had surfaced and he succeeded in accidentally destroying the entire southern shore, Tsinohaahi named him He Who is Feared and planted the idea of Unghaahi being a monstrous and uncontrollable beast in everyone's mind. His men respected him, but the women of the settlements would no longer near him. He was often left with Rautu for company when Otenohi would go to the temple in the evenings, and though happy to be with his brother, Unghaahi suffered from a heavy heart and unfulfilled desire until he returned to Sanhedhran after his battle at Thellis and found Kai Linaa.   


  1. I just love reading these bios. There are so many things from the stories that make more sense to me now. Each of these 'brothers' are so endearing in their own way.


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