Story for #ValentinesDay: Teague and Qwynlin's #Love

Teague, as drawn by Twisk
I  love Teague and Qwynlin's relationship. Here for Valentine's Day (Brigid's Day in Frewyn) is a small slice from an upcoming book featuring the two of them. Enjoy!
She had apprehended the true meaning of his expression the moment he stood from the table. She had been feeling the same for some time, though would never be the one to make the first confession. She, too, had lost all hope of meeting anyone who might secure her happiness and affections. Karnwyl afforded little deviation, and for one who enjoyed such wicked practices, Karnwyl brought only desolation and misery. She could find little comfort in the family business or caring for her sisters, as these duties could only serve to distract her, but the moment she saw that there were others like herself in Frewyn, all her expectation had been thus revived. She came to Diras with the object of discovering his sentiments, had little idea of making a lasting business or even of staying, until their time in Marridon had conveyed the beginning of his ardent and lasting attachment. Until then, she had believed his attention to be a passing dalliance, though an agreeable one.  She could never have believed that a Lucentian would find her, one so sheltered and demure and secretly salacious, interesting. She was never more happy to be wrong, and to further silence his profession, she said a most gratified “I do too, My Lord,” and craned her neck to receive his kiss.
                All designs of dinner were over with him; he was only wanting to ravish the woman who had resigned herself to him. As he lifted her into his arms and carried her to the bedchamber, he was inundated with numerous sensations, the most concerning and prominent of which was fulfillment. He had only just begun to redeem himself in the eyes of his kingdom, reconcile his family’s loss, and rebuild his father’s legacy that he might pass it down to his siblings, but as they passed the threshold and came to the foot of the bed, the happiness of his brother and sister being well, of his fortune being tolerably cultivated, of his being in the king’s service, and of having the greatest woman in the world to love prevailed him and must recommend his imminent success. He lay Qwynlin on her back and melted between her thighs, beguiled by her easiness, her provocations, her welcoming arms, her smiles. He overpowered her with impassioned osculations and praised Myrellenos, Matron of Fey and of Lucentia, that he had been granted his most secretive wish: a home for his siblings, his family honour restored, and a woman with whom he could share every blessing and hardship that his new life in the capital could warrant. 

Enjoy the story? Enjoy the series!


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