Adventures of Crab Asaan: Cake Edition!

Love him and despair
His raisin eyes compel you
Readers know of our series mascot Crab Asaan, but not everyone is disposed to pay homage to his magnificence. This week, however, we had two surprises at the Commons, sent to us by two readers who felt it requisite to let the mighty Crab Asaan know of their fervent adulation. From England, the mighty Crab Asaan received a carrot cake whose top was engraved with his glorious image, and from Canada, a Pulla loaf made in the shape of his splendid form. Many thanks and dismissive waves of the claw to those who saw fit to magnify Crab Asaan's grace. May you be blessed with many complacent scowls!  
The mighty Crab Asaan reaches out to his  effigy, Pullasaan


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