The Haanta Series Venerates Ray Bradbury

Today, one of the last literary classic greats passing into the otherworld and left a blazing trail of books and stories behind him. Ray Bradbury, author of classics Fahrenheit 451, The Illustrated Man, The Martian Chronicles, pioneer of science and speculative fiction, touched many readers and authors alike over his many years. He was honest, poignant, sentimental, monumental. His works have been lauded and loved by countless people the world over. He sold stories for 20$ a piece to Weird Tales magazine and didn't make a living from his writing until much later in life. His motto was "Write the Goddamn book. To hell with everything else", I sentiment I certainly share.
We honour giants here, and Ray was certainly one of them. Thank you for your inspiration, your craft, your candor. You will be excessively missed. 


  1. I love how when an artist like an author dies their work keeps them living on for each new generation to enjoy.


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