In Support of Love

In honour of the great Sally Ride.

Many of you know about D.O.M.A., the Defense of Marriage Act, a legislation that exists to disallow same-sex marriages and to deny benefits to same-sex partners. I cannot pretend to understand the sense behind this legislation, but I can only hope that it is done away very soon. The LGBT community deserves our love and our support, and though they are having difficulty finding acceptance in certain parts of the world, they always have a home on the Two Continents. 

Nidello and Arkastino have been lovers and mates since they were fifteen. Seventy years later, and they are still madly in love. Lucentia, their home, welcomes love of every distinction, and just as their union stands as a beacon for Lucentia's progressiveness and acceptancy, so to our series will always laud and support those who are in favour of love. 

Thank you to Twisk for this picture.


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