Story for the Day: Lucentiana

Lucentiana is the day that marks the fist day of the Lucentian new year. It commemorates the day that the elves came to the west in search of a new home after cities in the east were destroyed. They established themselves as a new nation, began a steady flow of commerce and trade, made alliances, and a thousand years later, they are the wealthiest country on the Northern Continent. Well done, Lamir.

The morrow came, and Lucentiana, the day commemorating the elves’ first arrival to the west, was upon the princedom. Leraa was prevailed upon to stay and participate in all the festivities that the day had to offer, and Kai Linaa, being to dance in the Hachamba procession, was reason enough to remain away from the islands for one more day. He expressed his interest in all the minutiae of the day, wished to revel in its customs, and was desirous of being allowed to dance in the parade instead of remaining at the prince’s side and watching from the grand balcony, which was to overlook the procession’s end at the Royal Plaza. Leraa received Lamir’s full consent and encouragement; the Prince was so well-disposed to honour the visiting leader that he felt it requisite to give Leraa the honour of opening the ceremony. Though not wishing to detract any of the glory that must belonged to Lucentia, Leraa must agree to the prince’s generous offer, for to shame him with refusal would be to show abominable ingratitude where gratitude was due. He accepted therefore and was ready to learn the dance that must carry him, Kai Linaa, and all of Lucentia from the edge of the capital to the Alabaster Palace. A hand was waved, palace servants swarmed toward the Prince, and within half a minute, the tailor was floating about, taking Leraa’s immense measurements, clothiers and milliners were choosing which of their latest fabrics to employ, and before the hour was over, Leraa had an outfit very much in the style of Kai Linaa’s and was standing at the head of the procession, ready to lead all the dancing and singing that Lucentia’s largest and most rapturous celebration could excite.   
                Kai Linaa and Unghaahi were almost late to take their places at Leraa’s side; a few of the adhesives on Kai Linaa’s befeathered and bejeweled outfit were amiss: some were sticking to her skin as they ought and others curled and rolled up, refusing to remain stuck to her for any tolerable length of time. The hour of preparation, of standing in line and championing in all the little fidgets of first animation, was nearly upon them. She fussed, she flumped, she smoothed. She licked her thumb and pressed down upon the back of the vibrant adhesive, but attach to her skin it would not. She applied to Unghaahi for assistance, who was having his own difficulties in endeavouring to fasten his feathered greaves around his enormous shins. After all the requisite alarms and fits of consternation were to be got through, Kai Linaa was able to relay the distressing news of her adhesive refusing to bend to her commands.
                Unghaahi examined the whirling designs of the adherent, and his eyes wrinkled with smile lines. “You have not removed the protective paper, Ghaala,” he purred, his complexion darkening and his expression glowing with fondness.
                Kai Linaa had forgotten what the costumer had told her, that the adhesive must be protected from losing its moistness before the parade should begin. She coloured and shook her head at her own forgetfulness; the costumer’s words were lost under all the terror and agitation at not being able to adhere to her outfit. She gave a timid laugh, removed the protective paper, and allowed her mate to press the points of her intricate bodice against her chest. Her features tinged with a slight blush as his thumbs rolled over her breast.
                “You wished for me to do this,” Unghaahi’s voice thrummed.
                Kai Linaa looked mildly appalled. “Are you saying I only pretended to forget?”
                “I am saying it was convenient for you to forget the bonding paper when you remembered how to fasten the hooks for the cinch.”
                “Perhaps it was convenient,” Kai Linaa playfully contended, “and maybe it’ll be just as convenient for me to forget how to peel them off.”
                Unghaahi’s lips flourished in a salacious grin, and no sooner did he express his hopes for her forgetting that important item than Kai Linaa knelt and begin reminding Unghaahi how to fasten his feathered greaves. 


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